WARMER MIXTAPES #1298 | by Cody Pennington

1. John Mayer | Why Georgia 
When I was first learning to play the guitar, I took a lot of notes from John Mayer’s style. Even on my newest EP, I feel like my style still derives from his. Why Georgia was the first song I ever learned to play and sing, so it hold a pretty special place in my heart.

2. The Outfield | Your Love
This song is a little hidden gem from the 80s that never seemed to catch on as much as it should have. I still cover this song at some of my shows because of its beautiful, catchy melody. Although I think the bridge is a bit of a striking key-change, the rest of the song still seems to put me at ease when I’m stressed.

3. Toto | Africa
This song NEVER fails to put me in a good mood. The large chorus melody and the beautifully layered harmonies always catch my ear. When the drums kick in for the chorus, the song becomes HUGE. What a timeless classic.

4. a-ha | Take On Me
I just love this song because of the awesome chorus. Everyone knows. Everyone sings along. Always means a good time.

5. Sam Smith | Nirvana
I remember driving home from a long day of work at my second job while listening to BBC Radio and hearing Sam Smith on My Playlister. He had just recently garnered success from La La La and Latch and this was his first time hosting the My Playlister show. Towards the end of the show he played this song off of his EP, which had just released. Instantly, I was filled with Determination. I was listening to this amazing artist who had JUST received success and was still growing. I knew I had to be there someday. Every time I listen to this song now it makes me keep pushing harder and harder.

6. Leonard Cohen | Hallelujah 
This song has to be one of the most important songs to me. The message it sends seems so sad but hopeful. When I play this, I usually raise the key a half-step and sing the chorus an octave higher, so it was one of the first songs that really tested my range as a vocalist. There are only a few songs that really put me there when I play them. There are only a few songs that really take me to a special place while I play them. This is one of those songs.

7. Coheed And Cambria | Blood Red Summer
I would be a liar if I didn’t cite Coheed And Cambria as an inspiration on me. They don’t necessarily dictate my style of Music, but they were the first band that I ever really became obsessed with. ALL of their albums were so different and so incredible in their own ways, but their second album, In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3, was their best work in my opinion. Blood Red Summer was the first track I ever learned to play on drums.

8. Thomas Oliver | Boy (Live At Aston Rd Sessions)
A relatively new song, this song has a beautiful composition with a raw message that I find very appealing. It’s a song that most men can listen to and ponder on their choices in Life. Really simple song that sounds like it belongs in a dramatic moment in a film.

9. Louis Baker | Birds
Like Thomas Oliver, this artist is simple. And so is this song. Whenever I think of Emotion, this would be a song that I think of. Really a Love song, but what song isn’t?

10. James Vincent McMorrow | We Don’t Eat
This artist is so incredible. I’ve been following him for years and I’m not sure why he hasn’t blown up yet. He seems to be steadily climbing at the moment; can’t wait to catch him live. This song was the first I heard from him and it’s breathtaking. The lyrics are amazing and meaningful. The melody is powerful. Just an overall wonderful song.