WARMER MIXTAPES #1302 | by James Wolf

1. Fischerspooner | Emerge 
This is the track that got me into Dance Music. I can remember the exact moment I heard it. I was about 16 and had snook into this awesome underground club in Dublin with one of my mates when it came on. For me, it changed everything.

2. Beth Ditto | Open Heart Surgery 
There is such a serge of Emotion and Energy in this track. Beth Ditto is an incredible artist and so unique in her style. The EP that she did with Simian Mobile Disco was a real departure in Sound. I absolutely loved it when it came out and still do. The break down in this track it builds up to such an incredible release. She is an almighty writer.

3. The Magician | I Don't Know What To Do (feat. Jeppe)
There is something about this track. Every time I hear it I am completely re-energised. My fists start pumping, my shoulders start shaking and my feet start shuffling.

4. Patrice Rushen | Haven't You Heard 
The same goes for this song. I can't help but want to move when I hear this. It's so uplifting and full of excitement. The lyrics are fantastically cheesey and that's all in it's charm. It's so innocent and happy. There's an awesome club in Dublin called Mother and when I am home I always make the DJs play it for me.

5. Bear//Face | Taste My Sad
This is another song that when I first heard it completely stopped me in my tracks. At the time I hadn't really heard anything quite like it before. It's another track that opens itself up as it goes along, drawing you further and further in. I would definitely say that it had a big influence over me whilst I was making my record.

6. Crookers | Royal T (feat. Róisín Murphy)
I recently went to the most unreal all male Cabaret/Burlesque hybrid called Briefs and there was a part of the show so effortlessly simple, featuring a drag queen, a body suit made out of wigs, a treadmill and this song. The image was so strong that it will forever be in my mind. Add into the face that this is a Róisín Murphy track and you have me hook line and sinker. I am huuuuge fan of hers and she is from a part of Ireland that is quite close to me. She has such an incredible stage presence and her Overpowered album is one of my all time favourite records.

7. Black Van & Oliver Vs. Goldroom | Inside Fifteen (feat. Chela) (Silenx Mashup)
This track is simply stunning. The build up into the chorus is unbelievable. By the time it drops you are guaranteed to have your fist in the air. It really takes you on such a journey. I imagine it would be the perfect song to play on a road trip with your best mates. It really gives me a sense of excitement.

8. Goldfrapp | Ride A White Horse
When I was 17 I used to sneak out every Wednesday night to a little bar in Dublin and sing cover tracks under an alter ego. I was still in School, which felt like purgatory and longed to be free. This was one of tracks I used to do and holds a really special place in my heart.

9. Inner City | Good Life 
As my mates and I say, this is a tune-a chicken roll! Great one to get the party going.

10. 2NE1 | I Am The Best 
You can't beat a good slice of K-Pop. As a genre, it can be so wildly inventive. I run a wild night in Dublin called WAR and we play straight up Party Music from start to finish. Whenever I am back in town this is one of my favourite songs to play. The room goes B A N A N A S.

+11. Kate Bush | Cloudbusting
This is hands down my favourite song of all time. I've been fantastically into Kate Bush ever since my Music teacher played me The Man With The Child In His Eyes, as a kid. This track for me has everything. Melancholy, Euphoria and Drama. I think I'd love it to be played at my funeral.