WARMER MIXTAPES #1308 | by William Glosup of The Bubbles and Shivery Shakes

1. Françoise Hardy | Voilà
Voilà, une Musique playlist. This is one of my all-time favorite songs of this era, because while French Pop was largely a caricature of British invasion and American Garage Rock, they focused on certain aspects of the genre so specifically, that they came out with some songs that were much richer in Musical content. The melodramatic dreaminess of this song is so intense, and Françoise Hardy melts me.

2. Bob Dylan | Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The 1960’s is very significant to me, and to Musical History because it had this unascertainable, effortless cool that all relied on a contagious vibe; and for a hot minute there... Bob Dylan was the fucking epitome of Cool. If you can’t slide back in your seat and stop giving a shit while this song plays mildly loud in your car, I don’t know what you should be prescribed... Probably some Bourbon. It almost feels like you’re in sitting in a saloon in Juarez hearing Dylan tell you these stories in person...

3. The Flying Burrito Bros | Wheels
Well, before we leave the mental image of the saloon in Juarez with Dylan... Let’s slug another one back with Gram. The Flying Burrito Bros debut of The Gilded Palace Of Sin was a one-of-a kind album, and this song sells it pretty hard. The vague influence of Psychedelia in the huge detuned guitar blasts sound like a Mexicali Acid head got strung out in the right saloon while listening to Os Mutantes. It might just be 3am in Texas, but this song is the ultimate leaving the bar jam.

4. Harry Nilsson | Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff Cover)
So, we’re leaving the metaphorical saloon in the desert... Gram and Bob both got their own rides home, we’re closed out, and, OH, SHIT, SOMEBODY PUTS THIS ON THE JUKEBOX! Sorry, dude, we gotta stick this one out while I get on my knees in full Karaoke fashion to half-sing/half-scream this one along with Harry and John. This is the ballad of all ballads... I bet Jimmy Cliff wet himself when he heard this cover of his song, it’s stupid how intense and amazing it is.

5. The Strange Boys | Poem Party
After an illusive last call from a fictional bartender in our metaphorical saloon, we all pile into my imaginary Cadillac convertible, to find that I left The Strange Boys And Girls Club cassette in cued up to Poem Party. The Strange Boys could really pack a mean punch when they wanted to, and this song is electric with raw energy. This song is probably more effective than a few other things for livening up your party or ride home.

6. The B-52's | Private Idaho
Oh no! The fictional cassette player in our imaginary Cadillac chews up The Strange Boys tape and we have to resort to the promising, yet mirage like playlist selection of the desert AM radio station. Luckily we’re already living in our Private Idaho, so they have the perfect song to accommodate our wild desert journey. Note the Twilight Zone nod on the Farfisa!

7. Doug Tuttle | Forget The Days
As our imaginary Cadillac kicks up dust on the side of the road while cruising through our dreamy playlist desert, a figurative Sun starts peaking above the Horizon as a symbolic gesture that we need to jam some Doug Tuttle. This song blew me away the first time I heard it - it was like the first time I discovered Olivia Tremor Control. Note the super squashed mellotron outro.

8. The Idle Race | Morning Sunshine
As the slowly peaking imaginary Sun continues to rise, we revisit a forefather of Psych Rock and Pop Music in his first group; Jeff Lynne in his years of The Idle Race. This is the track that first turned me onto this group, and now I hold them in as high of esteem as I do with Electric Light Orchestra. Such amazing harmonies with sparse instrumentation on this track.

9. Deerhunter | Microcastle
As the figurative Sun becomes a full bodied circle on our Horizon, we pull over the imaginary Cadillac onto a desert ledge to watch light cast upon all of the cacti and valleys in our dreamy playlist desert world. This is a perfect song to listen to while watching a fictional Sun rise.

10. Angel Olsen | Lights Out
After we make our way home, we hang up our spurs, and pour one last highball out before we hit the floor. Our desert playlist dream comes to a close with what is probably my favorite song of 2014 by the spooky, wonderful Angel Olsen. Lights out, bon nuit, mon cherie.