WARMER MIXTAPES #1314 | by Thomas Ross Carroll and Andrew Spencer Petersen of Eyes Lips Eyes, Toy Bombs, SWIMM and Sego

SIDE A | by Andrew Spencer Petersen

1. Hockey | Wild Style
The fact that the Wyeth IS album by Hockey is widely unknown compared to their first effort is very disappointing. If I could, I’d list 5 or 6 tracks. The melodies and production are very reminiscent and nostalgic while being current and fresh. See also: Meta Hard Life. It takes me back to the twilight of a summer, on tour, raiding Hockey’s stage with random percussion, guitars and bad dancing every night.

2. The John Whites | Liberty Bell
There are more amazing bands/artists coming out of Utah that you’d think. If you are aware, good job. If you’re not, I encourage you to do some homework. John has always connected with me through his howling vocals and honest lyrics. See also: Song For Rory. I’ve seen these guys break all of their instruments on stage more than once.

3. New Madrid | Manners
This is the loudest mellow song (especially live). There is a shy quality to the songs of New Madrid which resonates with me, being somewhat introvert myself. And how can you say no to that guitar solo!? Athens, GA strikes again.

4. The Cure | The End Of The World
About one in a hundred comeback albums actually land. The Cure’s self titled 2004 record delivers the same excitement as the early stuff without being overplayed on every 80s radio station. Robert Smith may not look like he did in the glory years, but still sounds great. I, also, am a sucker for a tune that can cleverly work in an assymetrical progression without it feeling jarring.

5. Royal Bangs | War Bells
I met these guys in 2008 in Pittsburgh (doubt they remember) and have always kept tabs on them. This massive bass line and thick production has kept this track floating around mixes/playlists/etc. for the past few years. Sure sign.

6. Good Shoes | Small Town Girl
My brother is often times the source of good Music for me. He shared Good Shoes and I was immediately drawn in by the fast pace and quick and sometimes indiscernible lyrics/accents. Makes you feel cool to sing along (much like R.E.M.’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It). I’ve forced this and that Lightning Seeds track on Thomas over and over. This seems to have taken hold much better.

7. FIDLAR | No Waves
A broken PA in a dumpy warehouse in the wasteland of Southeast downtown LA where car Stereos are easy prey in the street parking (sorry, Marcello). This is where I see FIDLAR play an intense show where they take a 2 minute break in the middle to eat a pizza that someone had crowd surfed to the stage from the back of the sweaty space. Get a black eye, hug the guy next to you, listen to this track.

8. The Strokes | I’ll Try Anything Once (You Only Live Once Demo)
I hesitate to share this because it has become intensely personal. Actually most of this list is that way. Why am I sharing it?? This is a Strokes B-side/demo that flew under the radar. It puts Casablancas’ voice in a mellow register with sparse arrangement which opens up a new depth. Honestly, I’ve lost all objectivity when it comes to The Strokes. On second thought, keep this track a secret.

9. Reptar | Thank You Gliese 370 B
In my time spent playing random house shows in Athens, GA, I came across the most amazing scene there. Reptar, albeit quite popular in Athens, still shows up and holds it down dancing on the front row at the dingiest and latest parties. That sums up their Musical energy. Not afraid to get weird, but still have amazing cohesion. One of my favorite live (and recorded) bands in the scene right now.

10. Royal Canoe | Birthday
Some people use samplers. Some use tracks. These guys just have 7 or 8 guys in the band to pull it off… And they do quite expertly. I immediately get a little jealous of the man power, layers, and level of detail put into each song. There is something unsettling about this particular song. That in and of itself is plus. Perhaps I’ve listened to too many feel good Pop songs over the past few years that when something elicits a strong response (whatever it may be), I’m intrigued. Barrier to entry is an important concept. From Schoenberg to Philip Glass to Steve Reich, there is a satisfaction in taking the time to break through the Unknown. This song isn’t that gnarly, though. It’s just analogy, man.

+11. The Sugarcubes | Birthday
Two birthday songs? Whatever. I used to have a room in a house in Provo, Utah that I was able to sculpt into as much of a personal environment as I’ve felt since living in my childhood house. I now live in a warehouse in downtown LA that hardly affords that kind of privacy and individuality (at least territorially). I had/have a 7” of this track that I would put on as I lay in bed focusing on the 70s textured ceiling with gold and silver sparkles. I’d keep playing it over and over as that somewhat spacey rhythm section put me into a trance and those vocals painted big slashes through it. This song came out in 1988. The same year George Michael's Faith hit number one and when Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up cracked the top ten. Think about that for a minute.

SIDE B | by Thomas Ross Carroll

1. Jessie Ware | Running (Disclosure Remix)
I'm usually fairly late when it comes to New Music and Disclosure is no exception. I may be a couple years behind since their explosion into the Electro-verse, but, as they say, good House is great House and I love House. This track is how you'd say, a banger, and one sure fire way to get me jacked. A staple for pre-show pumping up.

2. Toro Y Moi | Say That
A nice bridge between House & some sort of Alt-Lounge-groove you'd find inside the Lunar Lounge or the Star Palace. Big beat, Lo-Fi-ish production, smooth sparse vocals, and the best use of yeah I've heard in a while. One of my favorites since I first heard them a few years back, great for late nights.

3. SWIMM | Wanderer (Big Wild Remix)
Long time pals and Florida natives. These boys released a pair of summer mixtapes earlier this year featuring some B-sides and remixes including this hyped take on their original Wanderer. Starting off mellow with some lovely ethereal layers before it picks up momentum and erupts into a frenzy of drums and horns. There's enough Sun and Neon in this track to fuel ravers and surfers alike. This is what it sounds like when Florida moves to Los Angeles, triumphant.

4. Crayon | Give You Up (Darius Remix)
Great track to break it up and bring it back a notch while still maintaining a good pulse and smooth atmosphere. Great for cruising, chilling, or transitioning from party to party. Thanks to my pal Dano for showing me this one.

5. Monk' | "L"
My brother Russell and I have had a constant song swap going on for many years. He layed this bad boy on me a few weeks ago and I immediately took to it. I don't know much about Monk' other than this tune is baller. I'm a huge fan of the fat beat and the warbley synths. Russell strikes again, albeit he rarely misses.

6. Robert Glasper Experiment | Afro Blue (feat. Erykah Badu) 
This tune is a bit of a departure from this list, but alas it's the one tune I've listened to the most among these tracks. First off, Classic Neo-Soul vibe. Secondly, Chris Dave on drums, timeless kick and snare groove. Thirdly, Ms. Badu. Fourthly, flute grooves for days. Fifthly and lastly but not leastly, Robert Glasper's delicate piano work throughout. All groove, all day. See Also: A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation.

7. Tanlines | Cactus
I don't know these guys to well, but this song won't leave me alone. Infectious Indie Pop that sounds like it's on a boat or in some post-break up tiki bar. Lovely melodies, drivey drums, and the plucky and breezy guitar work. Not to mention the yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-ohhhh's towards the end. This could be the sleeper of the list.

8. Cloud | Turning
My good pal Preston George showed me this track about 5 years ago. It is a personal favorite and frequently played in many circles. The upstroke synths immediately sold me and then the vocals start and that was it. Tons of sentimental value in this one for me and stylistically it just sits right in that sweet spot inside my brain. This song for me is summer nights with my closest friends in my hometown of Springville, Utah.

9. Rubblebucket | Sound Of Erasing (Chrome Sparks Remix)
It was hard to not just put the album version of this song here, saying it's my favorite from the new Survival Sounds LP that was just released. This is an awesome take on this tune however, sweeping and swirling through a Cosmo-verse of its own creation. Deep bass, smooth groove, and Ms. Travers vocals (yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yeeaaah!)... Make for a fresh and baller take on this instant RB classic. See also: Rubblebucket - Save Charlie and/or Save Charlie (Chico Mann Remix).

10. Lorenz Rhode | Any Kind Of Pressure (feat. Jamie Lidell) (Radio Edit)
My old neighbor showed me this track one night and I immediately could picture the look on my brother Russell's face as the intro started. I knew right off this was an instant classic for many a porch parties and after show get downs. Great beat, great synths, and even greater vocals. Pure dopeness.