WARMER MIXTAPES #1328 | by Brooke Singer (The O'Lovelys/Ragamuffin Children) of French For Rabbits

Songs tend to attach themselves to particular periods of your life, and here are a few of the ones that have stuck to me over the past little while.

1. Aldous Harding | Stop Your Tears
This song is beautiful - it is the title track for Hanna's debut album. From the very opening church-like harmonies I am completely won over, and her voice catches every emotion in each crystalline raw note.

2. Beach House | Take Care
This is the first song by Beach House that John and I both loved. They write such great choruses, and the ending chorus could go on for my many minutes and wouldn't grow old.

3. Leonard Cohen | So Long, Marianne 
Leonard Cohen is one of the best lyricists the World has known, this is perhaps one of his more simple songs, but it was one of my first introductions to listening to Leonard Cohen's Music. I also really like his song Hunter's Lullaby and I grew up listening to Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah - who I was infatuated with as a teenager.

4. Mazzy Star | Into Dust 
We've been told we sound a little like Mazzy Star many times, and so we decided we should see what all the fuss was about. Although I don't love all their Music, I do love the song Into Dust - it's really dreamy and I really love singing this song.

5. Hannah Cohen | The Crying Game 
I first discovered Hannah Cohen's Music a couple of years ago. Her album is quite sleepy, and I like listening to it late in the evening. I love the black and white video that goes with this song The Crying Game.

6. Lisa Hannigan | Paper House 
The album this song is on is so lovely - it is at times completely joyful (and I don't often like Cheerful Music) and other times a little bit heart wrenching. This song goes along in a fairly subdued fashion - like an autumn day staring out the window - but the ending vocals somehow tie it altogether in the most wonderful way.

7. Marissa Naddler | Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Marissa Naddler has been playing her Gothic Dream-Folk for years - long before anyone else that I had heard of. I love her ethereal vocals, and dreamy aesthetic - especially on this cover of Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat.

8. Timothy Blackman | When You Find That Love (Live At The Moorings)
Here is a video of our friend Timothy Blackman playing his song When You Find That Love - it's a pretty thrown together version with a raw energy that I love, our good friend Eli singing harmonies and at one of our favourite places in the whole World to play - The Moorings, which is an old house with a ballroom in Wellington, New Zealand. Tim writes really good songs.

9. Anna von Hausswolff | Track Of Time 
I really like the Music that Anna makes - I've never seen her play live and I don't own any of her Music - but I often come back to it on YouTube, and have been listening to it often over the years.

10. Tiny Ruins | Death Of A Russian 
Another songwriter from New Zealand - I think we are lucky to have so many talented, lovely people where we live. Hollie is a storyteller and her voice is so warm, it invites you into the tales she sings.