WARMER MIXTAPES #1330 | by Hugues Tonnet De Parrel of LOGO

Photo by Loïc Prigent

1. Ricardo Villalobos | Easy Lee
Thomas has been a hard digger of Minimal during 2005, exploring the finest beat in every M_NUS releases. We shared at our first encounter this love for simple, strong and impactful instrumentals. Plus artists like Marc Houle or James Holden contributed to explore Psychedelism, Mental Repetition and all those mysterious parts that makes Techno Music fantastic.

2. ESG | Tiny Sticks
A bass and a drum. Most of the time we start our Creation process like this. We are fascinated by this simplicity in ESG compositions and, in a different degree or sound, bands like Suicide really inspired us by using Repetition as a melodious component. Those bands are the bound between Human and Machine.

3. Martin Rev | Mari 
Here is the keyboardist of Suicide, still simple with a strong melody evoking recklessness and melancholia. It must be a major influence in the making process of Make Love by Daft Punk. When you got the hook there is no need to seek further, you have to let the melody make its life.

4. Ennio Morricone | La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso (La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Last year we've been to Ennio Morricone concert at Bercy in Paris together. His Music has always been associated to images for us, but for the first time the old man was in front of us playing all the classics. In spite of the technics, there's still something very naive in his melodies, something which speaks to your inner child. 

5. Pink Floyd | Is There Anybody Out There? 
PF tracks are always a good trip, they tell us stories, there is a progression and a strong atmosphere. The guitar part of this track is marvellously accompanied by strong misty pads. Something very organic emerges from their works and it is definitely Modern among us.

6. Vangelis | Alpha (Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
As Ennio or Pink Floyd, Vangelis give us strong images in his tracks, a long trip into a Virtual World, organic too. We are so into Vangelis that we bought its synth, the Xpander Oberheim, to create atmospheric pads, but we also succeeded into making some trance leads and other amazing things with it. We like the progression on this track, the melody is quite cheesy you cannot but succomb. The whole track is so big, like when you hear it you feel all the Forest growing, the Sea moving, you know, only big things can happen on it. It's clearly the opposite of Minimal and we love this contrast.

7. Carl Craig | Landcruising 
We discovered this album a little bit too late, and among us it really define the Sound of (a certain vision) The Future. It was released at the same time with the amazing Tech House and French Touch movements and it was quite different from everything you could hear at that moment. Broken rhythmics, numeric synths and, above all, there is a real (unboring) concept in this album from start to end. Machines have never been so warm and talkative.

8. Joakim | Teenage Kiss (Vocal)
This track was one of the first Kitsuné released, and Joakim is a real mentor for us. He is a genius at balancing intellectuality and dumbness in the same track. Fun and intense at the same time and, above all, Joakim has no limit in his making process.

9. The Paradise | In Love With You
French musicians know how to bypass rules, turning Romantic Music into an effective Dance track. You can feel the strong 10cc inspiration in this one, the noisy filtered wave lead the track into something very smooth and warm.

10. OutKast | Funky Ride
We can't do a selection without a track full of 808, our favorite drum machine, because it is versatile, agressive and sweet at the same time, it sounds very particular and common at the same time and it has been used in all styles of Music. We could also choose a track from ATLiens album, which is a masterpiece in Rap Music, but this one refers to Sex in a sensual way, with a climactic final.