WARMER MIXTAPES #1333 | by Ernie Jackson

1. Little Richard | Tutti Frutti
The first track that made me dance, I think I was about 8 years old.

2. The Beatles | I Saw Her Standing There
My Dad's favourite track that he used to play loads around the house.

3. Billy Swan | I Can Help
I heard the track on a Television advert and loved it.

4. The Bluebells | Young At Heart (Bananarama Cover)
It was the first song I bought with my own money. I'm sure I was 12 years old.

5. Jackie Wilson | Reet Petit 
It's such a good record, I loved the re-released video with the plasticine figure dancing.

6. The Moody Blues | Go Now (Bessie Banks Cover)
The stark vocal at the start is brilliant.

7. Danny & The Juniors | At The Hop
An all time classic that still makes it on to my playlists and mixtapes.

8. Michael Jackson | Beat It
The Quincy Jones production on this is World Class - a great Pop record.

9. Solomon Burke | Cry To Me
The smoothest vocal and most heartfelt song - I sing this in the shower.

10. Penny & The Quarters | You And Me
It's Soul, Doo Wop and Pop all rolled into one. It pulls on the heartstrings this one.