WARMER MIXTAPES #1337 | by Justin Ignacio [Young Clout Thief]

1. The Police | Message In A Bottle
The first cover song I heard by a band called Taking Back Sunday did this song and I fell in love with it, plus Taking Back Sunday is my favorite Alternative band. They are the reason why I'm doing Music.

2. Joe Cocker | With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles Cover)
Joe Cocker's cover to The Beatles song... This was the Theme Song to The Wonder Years and it was my favorite show growing up, and I fell in love with the song instantly and I sing it when I warm up before I record.

3. Taking Back Sunday | You're So Last Summer
In the 8th grade I tried out for the talent show with my friends, me being lead vocalist and guitarist, this was my song of choice and we killed it. Unfortunately, we didn't make the talent show.

4. Bad Rabbits | Stick Up Kids
Love this band, love this song. Got all my friends into them.

5. James Blake | The Wilhelm Scream (James Litherland's 'Where To Turn' Cover)
Genuine artist, genuine Music, simple and beautiful.

6. Danny Brown | Monopoly
Hands down one of my favorite, if not the best rapper from Detroit, this song is so lyrical and explicit, I love it.

7. Brand New | Seventy Times 7
I went through a lot of situations in Middle School listening to Brand New, haha.

8. Bon Jovi | Shot Through The Heart
When I was real little, every road trip we had with my family my father played all the hits by Bon Jovi, he put me on, and my dad means a lot to me.

9. Blink-182 | Stay Together For The Kids
Blink-182 was a breakthrough for me, like for a lot of kids in my generation, it was a gateway drug to so much more Music.

10. The Weakend | This Is For The Understanding That We'll Never Be Understood
The Weakend was a band formed in the early 2000s in my local area in Michigan, I was 12 when I first heard them, and they are the reason I got involved into the local Music scene.