WARMER MIXTAPES #1342 | by Daisy Victoria Lawrence [Daisy Victoria] of Maglia Rosa Group

1. Lykke Li | I Follow Rivers 
I first heard this song when I watched Blue Is The Warmest Colour and I fell in love with it (and the film!). A perfect Pop song!

2. Kate Bush | Hounds Of Love 
The first song I ever heard by the wonderful Kate Bush and it completely captivated me. Couldn’t stop listening to it for weeks after, and still can’t.

3. Luke Abbott | Modern Driveway 
I love so much of Luke’s work. He’s so unique and his compositions are incredibly intricate, difficult and completely fantastic. One of the very best Electronic artists around.

4. Liars | Mess On A Mission 
Love the production on this. It’s such an infectious song!

5. Michael Jackson | Thriller 
Used to dance to this as a kid and have such fond memories of falling in love with MJ’s voice and Music.

6. Bob Dylan | Subterranean Homesick Blues 
Spectacular lyrics and incredible vocal delivery.

7. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band | Ella Guru 
I think I might be addicted to this man! Wasn’t sure which song to pick out because I adore so much of his incredible work! As soon as I hear his mental arrangements and voice I’m happy!

8. Bruce Springsteen | Dancing In The Dark
Just a wonderful, perfect Pop song that I never grow tired of.

9. Björk | Crystalline
I love everything about Björk’s voice and songwriting. The mental drum solo at the end of this track is top!

10. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Oktophonie
I love Classical Music and Stockhausen’s one of my very favourites. I went to see a concert at The Royal Festival Hall last year and was absolutely blown away by the incredible textures, timbres, range, time changes, etc. His compositions have made me hear Music in a totally different way.