WARMER MIXTAPES #1344 | by Eric Palmqwist [Paperplane] of Monostar and EP's Trailer Park

1. The Band | It Makes No Difference
This is the best song ever written about a broken heart. Without The Band it wouldn't be no EP's Trailer Park. Rick Danko is one of my biggest Musical heroes.

2. Smokey Robinson And The Miracles | The Tracks Of My Tears 
My all time favourite Motown song. So sad, so simple, so beautiful.

3. The Waterboys | Fisherman's Blues 
When I was just a teen I played guitar on the streets to earn some extra bucks. This was one of my highlights.

4. Joni Mitchell | A Case Of You
I could mention a lot of fantastic women in Music, but Joni is one of a kind. She's been a big inspiration for me through the years.

5. Andreas Mattsson | I Am Seventeen 
A Swedish Indie legend (Popsicle) who also produced our two latest albums. He's a songwriter genius and this song gives me goosebumps.

6. Arvo Pärt | Spiegel Im Spiegel (Performed by Vladimir Spivakov and Sergej Bezrodny)
This is the only thing I want to listen to when I'm going to sleep when drunk. A mighty work of Art!

7. Dire Straits | Romeo And Juliet 
According to me this could be the best song ever written and I love the lyrics as well. Plus no one can play guitar like Mark Knopler. Enough said.

8. Soulsavers | You Will Miss Me When I Burn (with Mark Lanegan & Red Ghost) (Palace Brothers Cover)B
When I first heard this song it really blew my mind. I was just breaking up from a destructive relationship & I listened to it almost every day for a year. It helped me through a hard time.

9. Bruce Springsteen | Back In Your Arms 
I've got a weakness for ballads even if they are a little cheesy. This is just a straight from the heart Adult Classic Rock ballad taken from Tracks. The sax solo in the fading end is just a bonus. I love it!

10. Fleetwood Mac | Rhiannon
I could choose so many songs from them, but Rhiannon will be my choice of the day. I've had a crush on Stevie Nicks for so long.

+11. Electric Light Orchestra | One Summer Dream
My dad was really into ELO when I grew up. I guess that listening to those records as a child had a great influence on me as a songwriter. It's also a perfect track when driving around in your car in the summertime.

+12. The Cure | Apart 
I discovered The Cure kind of late, so this is from Wish, the first record that I bought with them. In all the bands that I was in years back, we tried to sound like them and this song in particular.

+13. Thin Lizzy | Don't Believe A Word 
In the eighties, growing up in Sweden, you could listen to either Synth Music or Hard Rock. I belonged to the second category. Thin Lizzy is the coolest band that ever were.

+14. John Murry | Southern Sky
I stumbled over this song about two years ago. I felt some kind of fellowship as a songwriter, so I had to contact him and tell him how much I liked his songs. He answered back and said EP's Trailer Park was the real shit as well. It made me very happy.

+15. Stina Nordenstam | So This Is Goodbye 
Or anything from her second album And She Closed Her Eyes. No one can write about the Nordic melancholy like her. I hope she releases something new soon. It's been far too long.