WARMER MIXTAPES #1354 | by Răzvan Encuna (Străve), Andrei Horjea & Alexandru Stoian of Băieţii

SIDE A | by Alexandru Stoian

1. Stevie Wonder | Isn't She Lovely
I just love him! He truly is a wonder.

2. Take That | Rule The World
This was my first duet with Răzvan about 3 years ago, I still believe this is our greatest cover.

3. Pasha Parfeny | Tu Nu Vezi Cerul
It speaks the words that I fail to say, a great voice, sadly not that well known...

4. Frank Sinatra | Fly Me To The Moon (Kaye Ballard's 'In Other Words' Cover)
This track gives me a new vision of what Life is about. Frank Sinatra will be always in my soul. Rest In Peace, Master.

5. Boyz II Men | Open Arms
Boyz II Men is our source of Inspiration. And this song gave me the chance to be in a boyband.

6. Maroon 5 | Wake Up Call
Maroon 5 is and will always be one of the bands that inspires me.

7. Charles Aznavour | La Bohème
This is my most precious song, it was my mom's favourite song.

8. Tom Jones | It's Not Unusual
I respect him so much for over 50 years of pleasing our ears and our hearts with his Music.

9. Brian McKnight | Back At One
Heartache is the key word of this song. When I sing this one I just fall in Love again.

10. Michael Bublé | Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles Cover)
The only thing I can say is: Thank You!... Because of him I've started to sing. He's my favourite performer and his songs are truly.

SIDE B | by Andrei Horjea

1. Stevie Wonder | Ribbon In The Sky
Without doubt, reveals Stevie Wonder’s experience in Music Industry. No wonder that he is called The King since he has such a wonderful vocal technique that I’m longing to learn.

2. Michael Jackson | Gone Too Soon (Dionne Warwick Cover)
This was my favorite song to sing, when I was 6. This song is the anthem of my childhood. Michael Jackson is my master and he will always be.

3. Michael Bolton | How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Lisa Hartman Cover)
I can never stay upset when I listen to this song. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You gives me strength and ideas for my next compositions.

4. Boyz II Men | A Song For Mama
This is my favorite band and my favorite song of this little boyz. Their harmonies on every song are a blessing to my ear. I love my mother, so this song means a lot to me.

5. Stevie Wonder, Luciano Pavarotti | Peace Wanted Just To Be Free (Live At Pavarotti & Friends For The Children Of Liberia)
It's like two of my biggest idols combining their unique voices into a real piece of Art. I’m crying when I listen to this song and I thank God for offering to the World this two extraordinary voices.

6. Ed Sheeran | Thinking Out Loud
For me this is a song about what True Love means. In my view, this is the one song through which Ed Sheeran managed to pass on his deepest feelings. Ed Sheeran is a genius!

7. Justin Bieber | One Life
It seems to me that this song was written for me and my girlfriend. It is enough for me to sing the chorus to burst with joy. I only have one life and I only wanna live it with you.

8. Ray Charles | Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra Cover)
This is a classic one. A beautiful song that every human being should listen to. I used to sing this track with my dad, he helped me to discover it.

9. Usher | Good Kisser
This tune is a breath of a fresh air for the Music Industry nowadays. It’s very interesting, it had a lot of technique involved in the process of creating this instrumental. Usher, keep up the good work!

10. Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are 
Bruno is my favorite contemporary artist. Just The Way You Are will never become old fashioned. And I will listen to this song happily ever after.

SIDE C | by Răzvan Encuna

1. Michael Bublé | Feeling Good (Cy Grant Cover)
This song was my favourite for like five years, when I was younger. I was dreaming of singing it on stage, to make a show and open with it. My dream came true when I was included in a theatre play, I actually had the main part. I was the captain of a boat, and at a certain time I had to sing the song. My crew of eight girl dancers completed my three minute show dancing through the show, it was awesome!

2. R. Kelly | I Believe I Can Fly
This song made me seriously think about Music. It was summer, me and a friend of mine were hanging out almost daily mainly to meet chicks from around the city. We were walking and talking about everything and anything until we had nothing else to discuss. Then… Silence. That's when we would begin singing. This was one of the songs we sang the most, until we realized we could actually go to a Karaoke bar and test our singing abilities. That's about the time when I seriously started singing.

3. Hurts | Wonderful Life
My motivational song. I love it. And I love the attitude of the band in the live version. Every time I experience something bad, and my morale goes down, I simply have to listen to this song and I'm at ease. I don't really know how to explain, it's like it never happened, like everything is OK again.

4. Deep Purple | Smoke On The Water
Oh, yeah! I was in a Rock band, we rocked! This is the song that reminds me how I started singing Rock when I didn't even like Rock Music. What was I thinking?! Rock rocks!

5. Columbus Short | My Babe (Little Walter Cover) (Cadillac Records Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A nice song, great song. I heard it in the movie Cadillac Records and I fell in love with it. I started singing it everywhere, and finally when I had the chance to sing it with my live band, we broke up.

6. Donny Hathaway | A Song For You (Leon Russell Cover)
Ah, my sad song. This was my buddy when I felt really down, when Hurts can go fuck themselves with their Wonderful Life, haha... I love this song, even if it brings back really bad feelings, it reminds me I'm still here, and that means I got over them.

7. Stevie Wonder | Sunny
I didn't know this song until last year. I heard it in a Live Music club, I was about to go home, and then this piano player got up on stage and together with him a singer. Believe me I stayed another 20 minutes with my coat on just because they were too good to go home. I had to stay and listen to them, this was their last song. Thank you for playing this!

8. Bill Withers | Ain't No Sunshine
This reminds me of my first Karaoke nights. I didn't know what to sing, this was one of my favourites then and now too. It's pretty funny, because Bill says many times I know in the song. I had to sing this perfectly, but I didn't have that Music sense that I have now, so I wondered how can I make it through that part of the song without screwing it. So I listened how many times he says I know and, if I remember well, it was 24 times, so I started counting fingers, it was funny 'cause sometimes I saw people looking strange at my hands because they didn't know what I was doing...

9. Alicia Keys | If I Ain't Got You
A great song, a beautiful song, reminds me of my first concert with my boys. We went in the club and they were nervous. I told them a little motivational speech, it felt like I was with them forever as a band. It felt wonderful. We went on stage and rocked the place, it was great!

10. Jamie Cullum | Back To The Ground 
I could say that I love all kinds of Music, but my favourite is Jazz. I listen to Jazz since forever in my head, I don't really know how I got to listen to it, but in my opinion it's Destiny. This song is one of my goosebumps songs. It has a great vibe, and, beside this one, I love all Jamie Cullum songs. It's crazy, I mean, first time I saw a live video with him I thought it was crazy and somebody hasn't taken their meds. No offence, Jamie, now I love you, and I think you're a genius!