WARMER MIXTAPES #1356 | by Kevin Van Der Meer [AudioWitch]/(Jugend)

1. The Sisters Of Mercy | Flood II
The Sisters have composed a reflection of a wild mind in motion with this classic. Great lyrics, wonderful use of instruments & perfect timing make this song one of my all time faves.

2. Immortal | Antarctica
If Antarctica had a title song, this would be it: euphoric, intelligent Black Metal at its best. Everyone loves Summer & Warm Climes, but if you listen to this when in the right mood, you will develop a weird and intense love for the beauty of permafrost, frozen snow & icy winds.

3. Tanith | Roll Da Bass
Synthetic Electronic Madness from 1999. Massive synthesizer sounds and an insane build-up speak directly to the mind, making it end up in my Warmer Climes top 3.

4. Nasenbluten | Machete
Perfect example of a perfect Speedcore track, and the unlimited possibilities of Electronic Music. Bass & overdrive should not only be heard, but should be felt through one's body, Australia's Mark N. knows all about it. This is Hip Hop 2.0 and Hip Hop 2.0 has never been equated in my opinion.

5. The Offspring | Pay The Man
Not one of my favorite bands, but this one is just one hell of a track! Dark, Arabic influenced instrumental passages with Punky episodes got to me from the very first time I heard this. It still does.

6. Ennio Morricone | Man With A Harmonica (Once Upon A Time In The West Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the soundtrack of one of the greatest Western movie classics ever comes a high intensity emotional knock-down of the soul. Everyone knows this, not a lot of people have actually listened to it. They should.

7. Ilsa Gold | Silke II - Süchtig
A must-hear for everyone who feels as a part of the Rave Generation. Yes, it's about friendship, drugs, addiction and partying.

8. The Hacker | Village Of The Damned
Dark & plain interpretation of Electro Techno by The Hacker. Released in 2004 on the Reves Mecaniques album, which I see as the start of a continuation of Underground Electro movement that was stopped years before.

9. New Order | The Him
Do I need to explain this?

10. Mescalinum United | We Have Arrived
Seen by a lot of people as the World's first real Hardcore Techno track. Produced by Marc Acardipane, PCP's Hardcore pioneer from Frankfurt, and released on Industrial Strength Records. The Industriality of the track is unique, and the synth sounds have been sampled countlessly.