WARMER MIXTAPES #1358 | by Eleanor Bodenham [Lover Lover]

1. Brian Eno | The True Wheel
This is Music to listen to straight into your ears while walking down the street. I imagine I am marching in Time with that rolling drum, with a mega crowd of other losers, cruisers, diners, tinkers, tailors, lovers and neighbours. This is the Psychedelic Revolution. It is a big circle of movement. It makes me feel excited and connected. We are the central shaft. Let's get it understood!

2. The Detroit Spinners | The Rubberband Man
I defy you not to dance. I wish I could get hold of the stems. I'd like to have the audio of that man with the powerfully deep voice who purrs a Rubberband at intervals throughout the track as my alarm clock ringtone. When I am forced to dance to bad Disco I close my eyes and pretend that I'm dancing to this.

3. John Wizards | Iyongwe
This was a recent companion. I can't explain.

4. Polar Bear | Cuckoo (with Jin Jin)
I saw a cuckoo in Hampstead Heath this summer and it scared the hell out of me.

5. Glen Campbell | Wichita Lineman
I don't think I could be friends with someone who didn't like this song. I think if you don't you can't have ever felt intense longing. It looks like the sunset over Montana. I used to play it at the end of parties to get everyone to hug each other and then hopefully go home with each other.

6. Turlough O'Carolan | Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór (Performed by Planxty)
It's an ancient wedding song. I'm scared to play it in my house because of the neighbours complaining, so I have to do it privately, or when I'm in the woods. It makes me swell when the guitar arrives to placate the pipes.

7. Tim Hardin | House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional Song 'The House Of The Rising Sun''s Cover)
My favourite version of this song and sadly underknown (I made that word up).

8. Devo | Gut Feeling
Makes me want to climb scaffolding or run fast down a crowded street or drive like I'm in a game. Reminds me of being a teenager and not knowing what to do about feelings. I used to listen to this a lot when I was a kid and hurl myself around the room. 

9. John Grant | GMF
I must have watched the video for this about 1000 times. I am transfixed by him. I wish I was his sister. I had been going through a really extended phase of being disillusioned and negative about Music, but then I saw this video and it all started up again.

10. Shirley Ann Lee | There's A Light
I'd go to church everyday if this happened. I would even confess if I had to.

+11. Los Zafiros | He Venido
If I was stupid enough to make a film about myself, which I'm not, I think I'd want this to be the title track. I am a bit jealous of his voice.