WARMER MIXTAPES #1372 | by Liam Mitchell [Jägerverb]

1. The Chemical Brothers | Hey Boy Hey Girl
The frantic arpeggios. The pounding drums. That vocal hook... Probably the best club track I've ever heard, by arguably the Best Electronic Music Makers in the World.

2. Radiohead | Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.)
A ticking drum guides you through a wilderness as bells and piano chords chill you to the bone. A hundred haunting voices grasp your heart and squeeze it harder and harder. Every inch of your body is pierced by ice-cold needles and hammered by drumsticks. Just as the shivering becomes unbearable the tension is released. Your heart explodes and blood rains down in the glow of a celestial disco ball.

3. Soulwax | KracK
Oooooooooh, bleep, whir, beep, oooooooooh, dingdingdingding, oooooooh, dum, dum, dum, crash, grrrrrrgrrrrrrszzzzdhfaslhrlkfdsxxxz, kraaack, kraaack, kraaack, kraaack, kraaaack, kraaaak!

4. Basquiat Strings | Forceful Beat (with Seb Rochford)
An Experimental Jazz piece that challenges you before it rewards you. Relish snippets of melodic resolve in the discordant chaos and try to keep your foot-tapping or head-nodding synchronised to the impossible time signature. Dance Music for the brain.

5. Chilly Gonzales | Manifesto
My favourite tune on a fantastic album of beautiful, soothing solo Piano Music.

6. Ludwig van Beethoven | Piano Concerto No. 5 In E-flat Major: Adagio Un Poco Mosso In B Major (Performed by Friedrich Gulda with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; conductor: Horst Stein)
Perfectly accompanies the sound of gentle rain against the window as you spend the evening in a quiet, wood-panelled library.

7. Burial + Four Tet | Moth
Comfortingly monotonous end-of-night brain death relaxation. When the nine minutes are up just skip back to the start and play it again.

8. Kölsch | Opa
In theory it's a stomping Techno roller, but everyone on the dancefloor starts weeping tears of joy and hugging their friends when those blissful chords kick in.

9. Slagsmålsklubben | Brutal Weapons
Infectious and groovy. The bass and drums plod along while all manner of uplifting blips and boings set you up for the euphoric final section where everything goes a bit Trance.

10. The Who | Won't Get Fooled Again
Intriguing melodic shifts in the opening synth pattern make you stop whatever you were doing and pay attention. Drum fills and power chords invite you to rock like you've never rocked before. Six energetic minutes later the synth solo returns, the drum fills are back and we hear the most badass scream in Music.