WARMER MIXTAPES #1374 | by Alec Chambers

1. Eminem | Stronger Than I Was
This song helped me get through an incredibly tough time in my life. Emotion in this song is unreal.

2. Go Radio | Goodnight Moon
Jason Lancaster has such a powerful voice. I love this track.

3. Jon Bellion | Simple And Sweet 
This guy is an amazing writer, producer, and artist.

4. Tenth Avenue North | Hold My Heart
Another song that holds a special place in my life.

5. Eminem | Guts Over Fear (feat. Sia)
I’m listening to this song a lot at the moment. It gives me inspiration to never give up. His dedication to his Art makes me want to be just as dedicated to mine.

6. These Machines | Love Rule Tonight
Band of a few buddies of mine. This is their single. Killer melody. Really great song. I love this.

7. Oh Honey | Be Okay
This song really set the tone for me while I was recording my EP.

8. Jason Derulo | Trumpets
This track was written and produced by Jon Bellion who I mentioned a few songs up. A favorite.

9. McBusted | What Happened To Your Band 
Two of my favorite bands of all time, McFly & Busted, joined together to make a super group called McBusted. This is a track on their debut album.

10. Son Of Dork | We’re Not Alone 
A really cool song by a favorite band of mine. Whenever I hear this song I just envision myself rocking out on stage to this.