WARMER MIXTAPES #1390 | by Aitor T.G. [Wi-Fiji]

1. BLADEE | Bleach (feat. ECCO2K)
Autotune, produced by WhiteArmor, Shield Gang, Sad Boys. Anything else?

2. Ben Frost | Venter (Evian Christ TF 12" Mix)
I don't have words for this song... Only ethereal and climactic... The power of the bass in this song is incredible.

3. Serious Thugs | Ur Not A Baller 
I remember when I saw the first video of Serious Thugs produced by DJ Warlord and edited by Scotty2Hotty69. This video seduced me... When I saw this - it left me totally crazy... All the thing was cool, produced by one of my favourite producers - DJ Warlord - and all the aesthetic (Maria Ke Fisherman, MEAT, Nasir Mazhar)...

4. Unicorn Kid | Need U
One of my top songs. I keep hoping the Unicorn Kid return, sounds like you're in a video game full of Love.

5. Grimes | Genesis
This track of Grimes makes me smile, I can spend a full day just listening to her voice.

6. Waka Flocka Flame | Hard In The Paint (Suicideyear Remix) 
Just Pure Love.

7. Ryan Hemsworth | Colour & Movement
Probably one of the most emotional and atmospheric tunes of Ryan Hemsworth.

8. Fatima Al Qadiri | Hip Hop Spa
I can't say anything about this track, only... You need to listen.

9. Arca | Meditation
Arca is great in every way. I love so much the tune he produced for Kelela - A Message and Video Girl with FKA twigs.

10. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | PONPONPON
This tune sounds like a Maltine release, I love J-Pop and きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ.

+11. Jacques Greene | No Excuse
This beat makes you dance all time.

+12. Rustie | Hover Traps
Post-Seinfeld ZeldaWave.