WARMER MIXTAPES #1400 | by Harry Dean, Jr. of Project Dim Mak, Federal Moguls and Bloodhound Gang

1. Devo | Whip It
Loved the video when I was younger and the fact they wore safety goggles with some sort of a plastic piece of pottery on their head. Way into it.

2. Ramones | I Wanna Be Sedated
This track was one of my first 45’s I ever owned. It's a great track to fuck up someone’s parents’ house while they were away.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Time Warp (The Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
One of the best movies ever made. Need I say more?

4. Pantera | Walk
I wasn’t a huge fan of the band, but, Jesus Christ, this song kicked ass. It made the meanest mosh pit to where even Ravishing Rick Rude would be like fuck that shit.

5. Roxette | The Look
A closet favorite, but it got kind of awkward pulling up to a stop light, blaring it and having a car full of chicks flip you the finger.

6. Run-D.M.C. | King Of Rock
This song was and still is a classic. I still remember watching Krush Groove and getting hype when Run came out on stage to this.

7. James Brown | Super Bad, Pts. 1 & 2
James Brown was a bad man!

8. The Rolling Stones | Sympathy For The Devil
I actually didn’t get into this song until about a few years ago. Now it’s on heavy rotation along with Miss You and Under My Thumb.

9. Kanye West | We Don't Care
The College Dropout is a classic album and this was the 1st song on the record.

We put shit on layaway, then come back
We claim other people kids on our income tax

10. Primus | Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Primus was one of the first bands I got into that were quirky, but their bass lines kind of moved the songs instead of how like a lead guitarist does in most bands. My Name Is Mud is another one I enjoy.