WARMER MIXTAPES #1410 | by Adam Schwarz [Schwarz]

1. Mary Mary | God In Me (feat. Kierra Sheard)
I think this is the most beautiful phrase and it touched me so much that I got it tattooed on my inner thigh. I believe there is God in all of us. It is such a good attitude. This song is so uplifting. Once I listened to this about thirty times in a row while I was doing nitrous alone in my room.

2. B. Ames | Rah Rah Ha (Roman's Revenge)
This Ballroom/Vogue remix of Nicki Minaj's Roman Revenge really changed my life. Before this I was only vaguely familiar with Ballroom culture and Music which is now a huge part of my life. This track is probably the most immediately powerful song I've heard in the last 3 or so years. When I first heard this song it didn't sound very alien to me because it's mostly a club track, but it hits so hard in the way that it's chopped up and the way the Ha crash hits. Harder than lot of Baltimore Club tracks. This was one of my favorite things to DJ for a while and is a big influence on my Vogue/Ballroom tracks. I've never been to a ball where they played this, but I'd love to. This YouTube video is amazing.

3. Rod Lee | Dance My Pain Away
This is a Baltimore Club classic. One of the first Baltimore Club songs that had enough reach for me to get my hands on before I ended up living in Baltimore. It's structured like a Blues or Pop song unlike most Club tracks, which probably made it more accessible to a lot of people. However, what really resonates with me is the concept/content of using Dance as an escape from a kind of shitty Reality. The verses are about everyday Life problems like losing your job, being broke, getting dumped, etc., but the chorus is just I'm gonna Dance My Pain Away... I Got Problems which is so beautiful and such a release. To acknowledge the problems but set them aside and enjoy Life.

4. Third Eye Blind | Semi-Charmed Life
There's so much energy in this track even from the opening drum fill. This song makes me feel incredible. It's super-uplifting but in a way that's hopeful, but not totally there. I still don't know if the song is just about getting high on meth, or quitting meth, or a break-up, or a Love song, but maybe it doesn't really matter or it's about all of those things. In 2009ish I was in an amazing Third Eye Blind cover band with my friends Dave and Kate. It was a really special time, and we had sooo much fun. We practiced almost every week for months and months, but none of our friends in the Balitmore Experimental/DIY/whatever scene would dare book us for a show. This brings me back to not only that time but also when I bought the CD in 1997, and many other times in my life… It's kind of always with me.

5. Red Paint | Not The One
In 2007 I was in a Gangsta Rap crew in Saint Louis called AOSTL and we would hang out a lot at my friend Terroriza's house smoking blunts and listening to Rap. We would listen to Gucci Mane - Pillz a lot as well as our own tracks, but there was also a CD in regular rotation from a local Rap group called Red Paint. It was like four girls from North Saint Louis who sounded like Crime Mobb but more raw. Listening to their tracks today is still amazing even though it definitely sounds dated now, or at least very of the time. I love this style of production. So raw. Now all the popular Street Rap and Trap Rap or whatever sounds too polished compared to the simplicity of this. I also just love female rappers and these girls have a lot of Power and Aggression.

6. Soulja Boy | Speakers Going Hammer (Simlish Version) 
I love Soulja Boy. He has his flaws, but I listen to Soulja Boy like all the fucking time. This track he is just Soulja rapping in the gibberish "Simlish" language instead of English, and it's fucking weird and fucking cool. I could write a whole think piece about this song, but I kind of think I said enough.

7. Three 6 Mafia | Fuck That Shit
This is a major fucking anthem for me. When my High School friends and I would drive around in my Crown Victoria hooptie in 2005 we had Three 6 Mafia's Da Unbreakables in constant rotation. This track is my favorite on the album and back then it made me feel really fucking cool and still gives me a kind of crunk vibe. It's a super fuck shit up/I don't give a fuck kind of song which I love. It feels super empowering. The production on this track is perfect - every snare and bass drum hits so hard and crisp. Three 6 are really crucial players in shaping the whole Trap Rap sound into what it is today.

8. Evil Activities | Nobody Said It Was Easy (Coldplay's 'The Scientist' Cover)
This is a Hardcore/Hardstyle cover of the Coldplay. It's ridiculous and corny but also really beautiful and emotive. It's my favorite song to DJ. I'd say about 1/8 of the sets I've ever played, I've played this as the last song. It's perfect for that moment.

9. Showtek | Fuck The System
Another Hardstyle jam. The breakdown in this song is just the sickest lifestyle manifesto ever.

10. Kevin Jz Prodigy | Sex In A Cave (He Loves Me)
Kevin Jz Prodigy is one of my favorite vocalists to ever exist and I feel so blessed that I've been able to work with him. He does so many virtuosic things with his cadence and rhythm and pitch and a lot of the stuff he says is really poignant. The fidelity of his songs vary a lot and this one is really weird sonically. I love it.