WARMER MIXTAPES #1415 | by Marie Dahlstrøm and John Tweedie [Mawhs] of Hans Island

SIDE A | by Marie Dahlstrøm

1. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor | Come What May (Moulin Rouge! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It reminds me of many good afternoons with my best friend of 13 years. She introduced me to the movie, knowing that I’m usually not very good at watching films - but I happened to really like this one, and we spent a lot of time talking, drinking tea and listening to Come What May together.

2. Lizz Wright | Fire
I have been listening to Lizz Wright since I was 17, around the time where I really got into singing and really wanted to become good at it. I would go to the library and find her Music, then go home and practice her runs for hours.

3. Musiq | Momentinlife (feat. Cee-Lo, Kindred The Family Soul)
I'm just such a Musiq fan, his two first albums made a huge impact on me, I think I learned a lot vocally from listening to him and I sang one of his songs for my dissertation in School, haha.

4. Placebo | Every You Every Me
This one goes back to my teenage year when I was a loyal Roskilde Festival attendant, loved playing electric guitar and practicing Skateboarding. I had a lot of friends who were in the Skateboarding scene and one of the Skateboard movies at that point had this Placebo song in it, which made me love this band – I actually went to see them live in concert once – a great memory.

5. Ella Fitzgerald | Like Someone In Love (Dinah Shore Cover)
A good teacher is worth everything. I had one, back when I was 13 and wanted to start having after School vocal lessons. I got this teacher called Lily and she introduced me to singing Jazz. And ever since I just remembered this particular song. I often catch myself humming it and thinking back on those days.

6. Womack & Womack | Teardrops
Reminds me of my happy parents in the living room.

7. Tina Dickow | The City/London
Reminds me of driving to Gymnasium very early in the morning, in the winter. Gymnasium (like UK Sixth Form) was three great years - hard work and lots of fun!

8. Tue West | Jeg Kan Sove, Når Jeg Kommer Hjem
I was at Boarding School when I first heard my friend sing this by the piano in the library. She did her own version, and maybe that was what made it memorable for me. I think it’s a great composition and lyric.

9. Alberte | I Mit Æbletræ
The album this song is on is in my opinion the best Children’s Music album to date. Amazing lyrics, great compositions and just overall memorable. In a way it is a shame that it is not translated to English as well, so that more children could enjoy it.

10. Lloyd | Southside (feat. Ashanti)
A classic timeless Love song for me.

SIDE B | by John Tweedie

1. Jai Paul | All Night (Demo)
Jai Paul needs to release something soon 'cause I need more of this. This track is TOO damn smooth.

2. Shad | The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
One of my favourite tracks from the hometown hero, Shad. This one brings me back to my carefree High School days. Shad has got to be one of the smartest, most respectable dudes in the game, after all he’s the biggest thing outta Canada since Pamela’s double D’s.

3. Kanye West | Drive Slow (feat. GLC, Paul Wall)
I couldn’t not include a Kanye track, especially seeing as Yeezy season is fast approaching (fuck yeah).

4. Tame Impala | Mind Mischief
Kevin Parker is a legend. This has to be one of the most infectious opening riffs of all time. This is Timeless Music if I’ve ever heard any.

5. Kimbra | Love In High Places
I personally think Kimbra is one of the most talented artists in the game right now. The production on this one is mesmerizing and perfectly compliments her vocals. This song is a straight up masterpiece in every sense of the word. It's really hard to even comprehend the skill and creative ability needed to create such a track.

6. My Morning Jacket | Wordless Chorus
I’m at a loss for words trying to describe this one.

7. Radiohead | All I Need
The bass line in this track gets me every time; it’s very satisfying to listen to.

8. Mac Miller | Ave Maria
I really enjoyed Mac’s WMWTSO album, however, Faces, (Mac’s most recent mixtape), made me gain a whole new appreciation for him not only as a rapper, but as a producer as well. Mac’s production on this one has some crazy, strung-out vibes to it that are perfectly complimented with his drugged out, lethargic flow and wordplay.

9. Coldplay | Sparks
It's weird and scary to think that this track is like 15 years old now. Coldplay was definitely on heavy rotation in my house growing up, and has stuck with me ever since.

10. Mac DeMarco | Chamber Of Reflection
A good friend of mine described this track as what he thought a heroin trip would feel like. I could not agree more. Mac DeMarco is the man, man.