WARMER MIXTAPES #1425 | by Denis Yakush [Ganju/WoodJu]

1. The Cinematic Orchestra | Breathe (with Fontella Bass)
In the long period of Depression, this track was around me all day and night.

2. Amon Tobin | Lost & Found
There's not a word to be redundant... Just opening to the World of Sounds for me. I admire.

3. Bon Iver | Perth (JacM Chillstep Remix) 
It was autumn and a great evening with a girl. Then I introduced her to the work of Bon Iver.

4. Kastle | Stay Forever
I was resting by the sea and on the beach here... From the open car heard this track. Thanks to this track then met with the good people.

5. Jamie Woon | TMRW 
This song was a long time on my alarm clock and I woke up singing...

6. Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: King Syze | And Now (feat. Apathy, Vinnie Paz)
Jedi Mind Tricks is an incentive for me to play sports, which includes running away. Music, only you and the road.

7. SBTRKT | Something Goes Right (with Sampha)
When I was in University, I was always, on the way there, listening to SBTRKT. It was the custom.

8. Mujuice | Decadance
This is my first decent familiarity with Russian Electronic Music.

9. Aphrodite | Ganja Man (feat. Deadly Hunta)
A 99 years coup for me in the Music World at the time.

10. Nirvana | Come As You Are 
The eternal musician, I, like many, grew up on his Music.