WARMER MIXTAPES #1428 | by Christopher Steven Kazolides [Chris Kaz/Boofi/Sleeping Fires]

Photo by Pietro Butti

1. Bonobo | Scuba
I am a huge fan of Bonobo and have been for years, his album Sweetness influenced a lot of my Music.

2. The Cinematic Orchestra | Everyday
Was a megalithic presence in my life when I heard it, the Classical elements felt like home.

3. Skinny | On A Beautiful Day
Reminds me of London parks and London in the summer time, when I first heard this.

4. D'Angelo | Jonz In My Bonz
Always loved his soul and expression in his Music and beat structure has also been input a lot in my Music.

5. James Blake | Our Love Comes Back
Always makes me think of Making Love and cuts deep whomever listens to it.

6. Boxcutter | Mya Rave v2
The madness and Dance/Acid vibe of Barry Lynn is perfect for a night out and always gets my juices flowing.

7. Barry Lynn | London
Barry Lynn has always been a baddass producer. And this track does actually make me think of London, my hometown.

8. Amon Tobin | Saboteur
Gives me a really Celestial and Industrial vibe and always gets me moving 'n' grooving.

9. Lusine | Auto Pilot
All of his Music, Auto Pilot and more, changed the way I viewed Music and its countless Metaphysical Imagery in Digital.

10. Leftfield | Dusted (with Roots Manuva)
Takes me to a genre and time where Spoken Word and Electronic Music meet and marry well and way ahead of its time.