WARMER MIXTAPES #1483 | by Brian Leeds [Huerco S./Independence Ave. Orchestra/Royal Crown Of Sweden]

1. Peter Van Hoesen | Axis Mundi
I think this is what dementia sounds like, I mean that is if you're cool.

2. Legowelt | Sark Island Acid
Sea creature surfaces, gives Fisherman some dope Sea Acid, Fisherman loses shit. The angler is known later as St. Peter or some shit.

3. Seltene Erden | Bayan Obo
God does exist, and she makes Techno. Halle-fuckin-lujah! Praise Her!

4. Skudge | Surplus 
Wholesome Dub Techno stylings the whole family would enjoi. You know when that Carnival whistle hits it’s time to gather the whole fam and eat a healthy snack before returning to the R.A.V.E.

5. Nochexxx | Savage Herald 
Everyone’s wildin’ out, the pimp’s woooo can be heard throughout the land. It’s kinda like riding in three lowriders at once. So you know it’s good.

6. Lapti | Peace 
Shoot me over the fucking Moon! Momma Russia would be so proud if she could see her beautiful son. Is it me or did Rainbow Road get like a whole lot better??

7. Dishes | Continuity Of A 
Smart Gifts For Smart People: Exquisite designs in gleaming silver plate with the masterful treatment of sparkling color, a feature in today's exacting demand for individuality & perfect taste. The ultimate gift for the bride - a complete styled ensemble with the precise pieces for every occasion and ranging in price from nothing to $25. Codeine finally sponsored a car at the Grand Prickss in 2011.

8. KGB MAN | Tusk 386
Did a couple of lines of ground boar tusk and figured I should play some After Burner II, but I think my neighbors are having a QuinceaƱera.

9. Container | Dissolve
The big warehouse in the Sky, shit’s like hovering around my head. The Techno-killer strikes again.

10. Miles | On The Fly 
Sorry, my moped is busted, I’ve been trying to get it going, but every time I start it the fucking thing just putters around.

+11. CVLTS | Mirror Face (Summer Of Love Remix) 
Realest vibesss... Pizza Heaven. The deepest of Buddy House.

+12. Diamond Catalog | 1 (Live In Manchester, March 2012)
Went all the way to Mars and back, all in just under 15 minutes. Ride the Solar .wav...

+13. Huerco S. | Untitled (from No Jack EP)
This bitch is like creepin' around, you know, like I'm a bad bitch doin' bad bitch shit and I don’t give a fuck... All of this over like a TR-707 or some shit.

+14. Huerco S. | Bypass
The Night’s over. The Day’s begun. Am I sleeping or awake? kind of thing...