WARMER MIXTAPES #1485 | by Manuel Villa of PV SOUL MOTION & REYK and PVSM

1. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Could You Be Loved
This track has the magic feature present in most of the Music produced in the 1980s around the World. At that time the recording machines had the quality to add to Music the famous Crispy Sound known also for its resemblance to the crisp feeling that disappeared with the output of the vinyl market in the Music Industry and the reducing of the input noise on the CD. Bob Marley was and remains one of the greatest Reggae exponents, meaning Union in the World... History makes this track one of the most important PVSM tracks.

2. Nexus | Stand Up
Nexus really inspired and enlightened PVSM. It's the instrumental formation that causes more attention to us, for having the most important qualities that we believe should be contained by a Classic Disco song. Stand Up for Nexus means Dance, Love, Diversity, Motivation, Positive Vibration, Psychedelia...  And many other things. Nexus released only this material; something very characteristic for the bands in the 80s. Came out through Italian Mr. Disc Organization label in 1983.

3. Mr. Flagio | Take A Chance 
To close the era of the 80s, here's Mr. Flagio and its sensational game of voices accompanied by a fantastic synth, under the rhythm of some spectacular Electronic drums (TR8)... Take A Chance is one of the tracks that I have to hear before entering the studio and start playing with my instruments. I had the chance to hear this tune in moments of melancholy and it was able to make me dance and forget everything bad, simply focusing on the sole purpose of enjoying the great company that always accompanies me luckily...

4. Parodia Del Absurdo | Chicle
I do not usually listen to Rock or to anything that brings distorsion to my ears, but this song has Power... If lords has Power... Whenever I occasionaly hear it, that guitar makes me dance, that snare has a strong punch, the bass has groove and the voice really makes me laugh, jump, shout and even spit... This is a Rock band from Moreno in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5. Dake | Internal Disaster
This Deep House track came out via playperview label from Brazil. Heard it in Barranquilla at a festival called Electronic Art Festival some years ago. I remember it was a special moment because all  my friends were enjoying the pictures and the different artistic applications submitted at the festival while I enjoyed them with a very energetic dancing... Nothing mattered to me, felt like the Music could awaken the deepest feelings... Able to be felt only in that evening...  In that same night I approached the DJ and asked him for the name of the song that was playing at the time. The very cheerful friend told me it's called Internal Disaster by Dake and I replied with a smile, took my pencil and wrote the name. Today it is one of the tracks I usually listen to before going into the studio to produce Music.

6. PV SOUL MOTION & REYK | Junkies
Usually songs I like are those that relate to a real miss or an abstract way to define Reality. Junkies in this aspect is a personal case; In early 2014 our career was starting up from the dusty ground to creating mountains; it was something fantastic that was happening at that time with PVSM, we had to comply with all presentations weekends in clubs and festivals in our city, people approached us to ask about our work and congratulate us for our shows... We felt all our DJ dreams being fulfilled. It was at that very moment when we were fortunate enough to be invited by REYK to make an EP together... We called it Deep Dreams, contains four tracks and we released it on SNP Records in Barranquilla. We were travelling to the Moon, we were accompanied by many people... Junkies was by our side from the start and makes us happy all the time.

7. Art Department | Without You
This track published in 2011 by the label Crosstown Rebels has the power to transport us to the characteristic sound of the decade of 1980... One of the main inspirations for one of the most important PVSM tracks. It is also important because, when Crosstown Rebels published this sensational song, we spent a lot of our time together... In College, or enjoying free time at parties we organized with colleagues, or going to the beach listening to this song at a high volume, at pool parties or by the river, in the afternoon, fishing... We always played it before studying or presenting school projects...

8. Modern Amusement | Use To
...aka Lee Foss... I love this song because it is based on a Classic Disco. Lee Foss is one of the producers always trying to follow/show in their productions the Love for Disco and Techno, just like us... Not knowing them well, but mixing both musical genres brilliantly. I always play Lee Foss before a show.

9. Frank Sinatra | Fly Me To The Moon (Kaye Ballard's 'In Other Words' Cover)
To this interpretation by Frank Sinatra any Music teacher would give 100 points to the orchestration and another 100 to the lyrics. I must confess that I discovered this beautiful song only a few months after producing Junkies... It was a wonderful connection and when I asked REYK about the meaning behind Junkies' lyrics he said we should mention to where the dream was headed... For that reason we wrote the FLY TO THE MOON WITH MY CREW line in the lyrics of Junkies.

10. Hot Natured & Ali Love | Benediction
Benediction makes me vibrate and jump in Happiness, capable of removing the Fear... A single statement where Happiness is all that matters. I love this topic and it will always be with us in PVSM.