1. Darlyn Vlys | Everything We Had (feat. Forrest)
Our latest release on Sincopat. Without a doubt, it's one of my favourite tracks ever. We cooked the EP slowly and you can feel it on the final sound, the tracks have so much influences and colours inside.

2. Lee Van Dowski | WWW
Lee Van Dowski is on fire at the moment, I love everything he is doing right now, but this one blows my mind. Over any style, this is Pure Retro-Futuristic Sound.

3. Shall Ocin | The Mist
The Mist is going further with the mid range Synth Experimentation boundaries. Nico's Music represents perfectly the Techno sound I like.

4. AFFKT | Someone In The Sky (feat. Sutja Gutierrez)
From my label Sincopat, Someone In The Sky, the second step of the album I am working on. My muse and good friend Sutja's voice make the song even more emotive; I think it's a colourful and positive song that defines the shape of the album to come.

5. Isolée | Beau Mot Plage
One of my favourite tracks ever, not sure how to define such a special track, it's kind of like itching powder in your mouth.

6. Dave Ellesmere | Today Tomorrow And Yesterday
This track has around nine years but sounds like made yesterday. I am always looking for that in the Music I produce and play... To have something timeless. I want to look back and be proud that what I did was over hypes…

7. Boards Of Canada | Open The Light
I've listened to this song like 1000 times and still love it, the albums by Boards Of Canada are always an experience to listen to... They make you feel and think and hits directly to your heart.

8. Audio Junkies | Demodulator
With Demodulator I've discovered the Audio Junkies duo. They are some of the most talented producers out there nowadays. I really like this hypnotic track, another timeless track.

9. Lemon Jelly | Nice Weather For Ducks‬
This is the best good vibe track ever, the best pill for Depression. I guess my Music has a bit of Lemon Jelly as well, they were a big influence on my early productions.

10. Tom Demac | Dave Saints
Really like Tom Demac’s production. Dave Saints reflects his talent to make emotive tracks but really energetic at the same time, you realize there is a lot of work and love to produce something like this.