WARMER MIXTAPES #1525 | by Hazina Francia [Petit Singe]

1. 18+ | Forgiven
I’m really fond of this song. It was 2013, I didn’t know 18+ yet. I was in Milan that night though I didn’t live there. The day after I would have my second gig and I was so excited, worried and happy. A friend of mine asked me to go with him to a launch party at Istituto Svizzero. I agreed. It was a great party. There was a beautiful atmosphere in there. Everyone looked happy and enjoyed 18+ live performance. I rarely listen to this track, but when I do… Wow, what a sweety memory!

2. Dean Blunt | 100
I was in Milan when I started listening to Dean Blunt. I used to listen to a lot of Music with a dear friend of mine. Black Metal was always on in our playlist, and this track is my fave.

3. Tori Amos | Me And A Gun
Honestly I don’t listen to this song that often. It’s a deep song, with deep words, with a deep meaning. It’s not so easy to approach, but it’s beautiful. I used to listen to it when I was younger. An old friend told me about it. She just said listen to this and I did it.

4. E+E | Fire Gut
I got to know this song thanks to the same friend I used to listen to Music with. I think the dirty melody of this song is amazing, unique.

5. Romare | The Blues (It Began In Africa)
This track brings Summertime memories to my mind even if I don’t like Summer at all. Some friends of mine used to organize parties at the beach, in Marina Di Ravenna. It was terrific.

6. The Weeknd | Often
What a sexy tune! Loop on my smartphone when I walk in the street. Always.

7. Stromae | Formidable 
This track is able to comfort me, to cuddle me. It’s sweet, a great production. I think Stromae is one of the greatest talent in the place.

8. Lorenzo Senni | Makebelieve
What a powerful, elegant energy… I usually listen to this track when I work with my laptop and I really lose myself. I follow the main sequence with my fingers and I follow the second one shaking my head. It looks strange, especially at work, ahah. This track charms me everytime. Love it.

9. Fatima Al Qadiri | Szechuan 
This is one of my favorites from Fatima’s tracks!

10. Nomine | Nomine’s Chant
What a sweety track! I love it. I found it on Soundcloud during a Music search for a set I was working on. Since that moment I’ve never stopped listening to it.