WARMER MIXTAPES #1537 | by Greg J. Broussard [The Egyptian Lover/Jamie Jupitor]/(The Radio Crew, Uncle Jamm's Army)

1. Kraftwerk | Numbers 
This was the first song that took me to that Electronic Futuristic place that was before its time. The moment I heard it I wanted to do a Rap to that beat. Then I heard...

2. Afrika Bambaataa & SoulSonic Force | Planet Rock 
Oh, yeah, this song was Kraftwerk's Numbers plus Funk. I absolutely loved it and all its sounds. But that drum machine they used was exactly what I wanted in my life. Then I found out what it was and the rest was history. All I needed now was that robot voice sound on...

3. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five | Scorpio 
The robotic voice in this song was what I needed and I was told it was a vocoder by Roland. Wow! The same maker as the TR-808 drum machine. I had to have it.

4. Prince | Sexy Dancer 
This song was one of the inspirations to me breathing on all my songs. It was so nasty and kinky to me. I needed that to complete my sound and style.

5. Ebonee Webb | Something About You 
And then I heard this song. I knew I had to do it then. This breathing was me. I could hear it. Breathing, vocoder, 808, ohhhhh, yeah! That's all I need.

6.  Jesse Johnson's Revue | Free World
This song inspired Freak-A-Holic and The Alezby Inn.

7. Prince | Let's Work
The remix of this song taught me how to do a remix. Make it better than the original and add something special. The original was already the best ever, then the ReMix just blew me away.

8. Jimmy Spicer | The Adventures Of Super Rhymes
The second Rap I ever heard and it was so much better than Rapper's Delight. I wrote my first rhymes after hearing this song.

9. Sexual Harassment | I Need A Freak 
This is the original, but everyone thought it was me? Do I remade it.

10. Twilight 22 | Electric Kingdom 
This record inspired me 100% and to this day is still one of my favorites.