WARMER MIXTAPES #1539 | by Morgan St. Jean

1. Lianne La Havas | Gone
My friend played me this song recently on the way back from dinner and I was immediately mesmerized. I was actually in tears by the end of the song… The lyrics are so raw and honest, but so uncomplicated and the vocal is chill inducing. Saw her live recently and she is adorable and freakishly talented and sassy and everything you’d hope she’d be.

2. Bonnie Raitt | I Can’t Make You Love Me
I actually don’t really remember where I first heard this song, but I first sang it in High School and it ignited my love of heart-wrenching, female ballads. If I had to pick one all time favorite song, it would be this.

3. Alicia Keys | If I Ain’t Got You
I think writing non-cliché Love songs is one of the hardest things to do, so I have so much respect for this song. Also, Alicia is my girl… Her piano playing, her voice, her style, her writing… Love it all.

4. Vance Joy | Georgia
Vance Joy’s voice is mesmerizing. It wraps you up and makes you want to never leave. I love the imagery in the line calling me to come back to bed singing Georgia On My Mind. It’s a Love song, but you can sense that something’s wrong from the very beginning and then he tells you what it is later in the song… If someone ever wanted me to fall in Love with them I’d tell them to sing this song to me.

5. The Beatles | You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Help! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I took a class all about The Beatles and when we were learning about the making of this song I was reminded about how much I love it. I think the way John sings it is so unique and cool. Pretty much anything Beatles though… I will never understand how they can write songs about hard times and struggles and make them fun and catchy.

6. Joni Mitchell | A Case Of You
I’m obsessed with Joni Mitchell, but I actually only heard this song about a year ago and I was immediately in love. No one tells a story like Joni Mitchell does. The last line of the chorus I could drink a case of you, and I would still be on my feet is Perfection.

7. Ben Folds Five | Brick
I heard this song for the first time when I was driving in LA and I was so amazed by the lyrics. They’re so detailed and visual. I love the contrast between the happy sounding Music with the Dark Honesty in the lyrics. Ben Folds captures the complexity of Love and Heartbreak and relationships perfectly.

8. Sia | Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) (Ne-Yo Cover) (Acoustic Live Version)
I didn’t know this song was written by Sia until a few summers ago when I saw a clip on YouTube of her performing it live. When I heard her sing it I completely understood how the song was meant to sound. The simplicity of her voice accompanied just by piano and the original lyrics made me realize that the song is so profound. It’s talking about loving someone through their darkest moments which I had never realized before. She’s brilliant.

9. Ryan Adams | When The Stars Go Blue
I grew up listening to Country Music, so I originally heard the Tim McGraw version of this song and always loved it. A little while ago though my drummer played me the Ryan Adams version and I fell even more in Love. I think sometimes, when the original writer sings a song, the emotion and the story behind it becomes so clear… No one else can sing it exactly the way the writer does. (Still love Tim McGraw though...)

10. Daryl Hall & John Oates | Rich Girl
I always describe this song as my happy song. Whenever I’m having a bad day I listen to this and it makes me so happy. Honestly, I don’t know why, but I just think it’s fun and the melody is always stuck in my head.