WARMER MIXTAPES #1546 | by Nicoleta Alexandru [Nicola]

1. ABBA | Thank You For The Music
I discovered ABBA when I was 9. I grew up with them, I listened to all their songs, I fell in Love with them, I constantly had them in my dreams, especially after seing the ABBA movie and I remember how much that helped me to learn English faster than I thought. I used to translate their lyrics because I had to know what they were singing about. When I first heard Thank You For The Music, I felt like it was about me.

2. Whitesnake | Is This Love
I was 20 and each time I listened to this song I used to close my eyes and imagine that one day I will discover The Perfect Love or live a perfect Love story. This song is still really amazing!!

3. Whitney Houston | I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton Cover) (The Bodyguard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Well, Whitney was my teacher in a way, 'cause, when I discovered her singing this beautiful song, I understood more about the Vocal Technique singing and so I made some corrections on my own. She was perfect!

4. Bomfunk MC's | Live Your Life (feat. Max'C)
This song really changed my whole life. Since the day I first listened to it, it became my every morning coffee. I didn't know that a song could ever change a destiny that way, until then. I suddenly realized that Life is short but beautiful and I had to live it, my own way. So, I divorced and made my own decisions, did my own mistakes, had my own goals and never gave up on being myself.

5. Jay-Z + Alicia Keys | Empire State Of Mind
This song reminds me of New York, my Love and each time I miss NY I think of this song or listen to it. I imagine me in Times Square and sing it, loud. LOL, I love the message, the track, the voice... Everything.

6. Sam Feldt | Show Me Love (feat. Kimberly Anne)
This song has something special. It gives me power to say it and do it and so much energy and I want to dance each time I hear it. It has so much Passion.

7. Kaskade | Disarm You (feat. Ilsey)
I fell in Love with this song. If you want to send this kind of message to someone, this song is perfect, it has amazing lyrics. I can imagine me, in front of someone, saying all these... LOL.

8. Calvin Harris + Disciples | How Deep Is Your Love
This is a song full of Passion; I like the lyrics, the groove, the whole track and it reminds me of Pacific Ocean.

9. Galantis | Runaway (U & I) 
When I listen to it, I wanna runaway, I wanna dance, I feel free to do everything I want. Great song!

10. Sia | Chandelier
This is something that I can't describe in words, it's really amazing!! This song gives me a special mood. I just wanna listen to it and not say anything.