WARMER MIXTAPES #1560 | by Ardit Hoxha [Megan]

1. Truncate | Focus (ROD Remix)
I've always like ROD and recently he released this remix for Truncate's Focus.The original is cool, but this remix brings all the Intensity and Color in. Became one of my favorites as soon as I discovered it.

2. Barcode Population | Untitled (Track 1 from All Aboard The U.S.S. Severe EP)
Just one lovely Techno track. It is so intense and energic. Firstly released in 1996 and it really destroys dancefloors.

3. Gary Beck | Video Siren
I can just say this is a banger. I love the atmosphere that this track creates and the crowd goes wild. I get chills everytime I play it.

4. Plastikman | Spastik
The classic one... Well produced from The Legend itself.

5. Locomatica | Red Lines
I love this one. It's just deep and vocals are just amazing. I close my sets with this.

6. Mark Broom | Satellite (Mix One)
Powerful track, it's a bomb from Mark Broom... THE BREAKDOWN IS SO SICK.

7. Villalobos | Dexter
A friend of mine showed me this one long time ago and I fell in love with it. A classic one from Villalobos. Dark atmosphere and a really nice melody to go with it.

8. UnCUT | Beneath (2015 Rework)
Discovered this one recently and it amazed me with all that energy the track has. Nice breakdowns and construction is just perfect.

9. Mindbend | Absynth
This is my best friend Mindbend and I fell in love with his track. When he showed me Absynth I really liked the raw energy in it and it became one of my faves. It has been released on our good friend's label, Pumio's 99% Robot Records.

10. Reflekt | Need To Feel Loved (feat. Delline Bass) (Adam K & Soha Vocal Remix)
This track just gets me back in memories, my childhood and everything else. I fell in love with this track since I found it... Perfect track for me.