WARMER MIXTAPES #1568 | by Cătălina Toma [Cătălina]

1. The Jackson Five | I’ll Be There
I fell in Love with the song and the artist instantly. Jackson Five's Third Album was the first record I’ve ever purchased. Every Michael Jackson album that I'd acquired became my Music bible. MJ’s songs were my daily case study. That's how I developed technique and refinement of Timbre. Michael was my first Teacher and Mentor, even before I enrolled myself into the Music School. He gave me Hope and helped me project my Music goals. I’ll Be There also became a staple in my repertoire in the beginning of my career.

2. Whitney Houston | Greatest Love Of All (George Benson's "The Greatest Love Of All" Cover)
Learning and performing this song brought me the first Music Trophy as a teenager. I had a connection with the song and it empowered me.

3. Michael Jackson | Billie Jean
My favorite MJ song. It was hypnotizing and made me feel all kinds of emotions. It has always inspired me. I was so in love with his Music and tried to emulate his dance moves. Billie Jean also caught my attention because of the songwriting and song structure, a perfect hit formula that captured the hearts of millions of people all over The World.

4. Michael Jackson | You Are Not Alone
I've always found comfort in this song, which I ended up performing in little concerts before I made it big in Romania. It spoke so much to me, as many times I felt lonely 'cause I was misunderstood by the people around me. You Are Not Alone made me realize that it’s OK to be alone in my journey through this life, while pursuing big dreams.

5. Mariah Carey | Without You (Badfinger Cover)
This record made me focus on widening my vocal range. I was so impressed with Mariah’s melodic precision. I would listen to the song all the time in my headphones on my way to the Music School. It made me aware of the multitude of vocal techniques out there.

6. Prince And The Revolution | Purple Rain (Purple Rain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song made cry each time I listened to it. I couldn’t believe the intensity of his performance that came from his spiritual core. Purple Rain is the statement of a song that has a life of its own, forever relatable and relevant.

7. Terrence Trent D’Arby | Holding On To You
This anthem sends me into overdrive each time I listen to it. It's about Unrequited Love. Terrence’s singing is simply amazing.

8. 2Pac | California Love (feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman)
It made me dream of LA/California. After buying this album I’ve became an ardent 2Pac fan. I love him to this day for his incredible talents and activism. Dre’s production was amazing and Roger Troutman's talk box effect was very intriguing to me.

9. Ginuwine | Pony
This is a very sexual song that I’ve covered on my first album. Ginuwine’s Music influenced my style and gave me that Urban edge.

10. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott | All N My Grill (feat. MC Solaar)
I wish the producers today could create such innovative Music at this level. Missy and Timbaland were the golden team that inspired me to transition from a Classic Pop style to an Urban/R&B sound.

+11. Jay-Z | Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99) (feat. Big Jaz)
This is an amazing track I had also covered on my first record Cătălina. It inspired me to get into the Rap thing. I learned from JAY Z and my producer at that time, Don Baxter, how to spit some bars.

+12. Aaliyah | We Need A Resolution
This song inspires me to become a producer one day. I've tried to reenact Timbaland’s sound in my home studio, so I can figure out his tricks. He created syncopated rhythms that were unheard of at that time. Aaliyah’s voice was so soothing and beautiful, giving the song a mysterious vibe. She became one of my greatest inspirations.

+13. Skrillex | First Of The Year (Equinox)
I associate this song with my first trip to LA and the No Limit Records signing in 2011. It made me fall in Love with Dubstep.

+14. David Bowie | Blackstar
This song taught me about Death and the Impermanence of Life. It inspires me to work harder on my career, so I can, one day, leave a Music legacy behind.

+15. Rihanna | Needed Me
This track reminds me of men trying to get with me for all the wrong reasons… Not because of the person I’m inside, but because of the glamorous girl that sings. They see me as a trophy girl, therefore it makes me doubt men and not give them a real chance.

+16. Justin Bieber | All That Matters
I became fond of this track when I used it for a dance routine. Awesome production and vocals.

+17. Calvin Harris | This Is What You Came For (feat. Rihanna)
This one makes me fantasize about being a DJ. I love Music that’s highly energetic. I love the raves and people coming together.