WARMER MIXTAPES #1576 | by Robin Jessup [See Safari] of Chesil Beach

1. Madonna | Rain
This makes me think of the mid 90s when everything in Pop was perfect, Madge hadn't met Guy Ritchie, she was still working with Shep Pettibone and this empirical Pop record was everywhere and Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra) makes an appearance in the video. This song got played a lot in this surf shop I worked in for a while by a girl who looked like Pam Anderson. I was in Love , SUE!

2. Björk | Possibly Maybe
For me it's a break up song. 3rd girlfriend, I was 17, first time I’d been dumped, she was a Scorpio and an ice queen!!! After the break up, I saw her walking along the road with a Liam Gallagher lookalike, which brings me to...

3. Oasis | Columbia
Drugs Music... It was the 90s... We all thought we were fucking kings and from Manchester, we were a bunch of little shits from Bournemouth (home of The Mighty Cherries who are in the top 10 of the Premier League, #UTCIAD!!)... I can't tell you the way I feel because the way I feel... is a drug lyric and they were little shits on drugs and we were little shits on drugs and this song made us feel like a real nation in the middle of the 90s. Brits just want to get fucked up and hug each other. Folk don't know what they're doing... A great song from their only good album, Definitely Maybe.

4. Pet Shop Boys | Domino Dancing
Or West End Girls... I so wanted to live this life portrayed in the video... Hot, clubbing, chasing girls in PVC dresses... I still do! Somewhere a bit more WARMER CLIMES... All day, all day! WATCH THEM ALL FALL DOWN... Chris has always been a Rave/clubbing icon, he has shown the way to me many times in how to dress. Like a street wise kid and always in shades, interesting in West End Girls is that Chris isn't wearing sunglasses and is dressed quite smartly. HOW MUCH HAVE YOU GOT?... I used to play this in Hoxton Bar And Kitchen on the weekends and Electricity Showrooms and it would always cause a commotion. My girlfirend and I used to play these party sets and it was mostly 80s Synth Pop and New Wave and we could get away with it, we sometimes got called CUNTS by coked up wankers, but fuck them. It was London, we lived an amazing life. It was the last time when you could live as a DJ and booker and pay your rent and go out nearly every night. I feel bad for kids from my background that don't have mum and dad money to pay the rent, because it would be nigh on impossible to follow your dreams and move to London as it's just so fucking expensive now. I met so many great DJs there in London who are my heroes still and I'm still finding New Music through them or getting introduced to people (Severino is especially good at putting people in touch...), also people like Jonjo from Trash/Durr, Nathan G Wilkins from Boom Box and History Clock. They are amazing DJs because they also know the importance of looking good and playing hit records that cross genres. Myself and Sammy D and Fab Mayday we had great fun putting on nights in London, Perugia (Fab’s hometown) and Vienna later on and we played with some great names... Andrew Weatherall. Gang Of Four. Ariel Pink. I even warmed up for The Fall once at Koko...

5. Aphex Twin | Untitled (Track 1 aka Cliffs from Selected Ambient Works Volume II)
It's our love, bap bap bi bi bap bap bap... Selected Ambient Works Volume II is his greatest work, it really helped me get through awkward teenage years and cold windy nights. I bought the tape in HMV Exeter on a wet and windy family holiday, we stayed at a caravan park in Polzeath in Cornwall and I went off and sat on the edge of a cliff feeling the sea spray and listening to this. It was one of the best nights ever and I knew I wanted to make emotional moving Ambient Music like this one day, it's only taken me about 22 years to get 'round to it!

6. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim | Access
Pure clubbing madness track. Bong!! This was played in every Techno club and House club, you don't get all emcompassing anthems like that anymore... Pure Dutch Acid track, mid 90s Trance and Techno were much closer bedfellows and there was a great number of DJs like Billy Nasty and Mrs Woods who had a cult following because they played really hard sets and their Music was basicly a great driver for the pills and Speed we were consuming, which brings me onto the next track...

7. Underworld | Two Months Off
Can I put in 3 tracks as they are the group I've seen most at festivals/concerts and their live shows... Every track bleeds into the other in one intoxicating blast of ecstatic noise, my generation is the Trainspotting chemical generation, we had 5-6 years pre-Internet and had to find Music we heard in clubs, but with the advent of Trainspotting you had a film and the books of Irvine Welsh that summed up a lot of that time from the 80s going into the 90s and the thrill of the Change from the grey into ultra colourful strobe and lazer bathed Future. Underworld took Bowie cut ups, accompanied them with thundering beats and breaks, warm pads and their immense eye bath visuals, the greatest Electronic Art group ever next to Kraftwerk and The Chemical Brothers. SO Two Months Off INTO Born Slippy INTO RezALL RAVERZ KNOW THE FEELING... HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!

8. Peshay | Piano Tune
I'M STILL a JUNGLIST... Fond memories of Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, LTJ Bukem, DJ Rap, Doc Scott, Total Science, Peshay, Jumping Jack Frost, Dr. S. Gachet, Hype, Roni Size, DJ Die, Aquasky, High Contrast and so many more all over the South Coast, Bristol, Bournemouth and London. After 2002 things fell off with too much annoying dark White Noise... This is my roller, my pill rush, my true classic. When the piano cuts through... There is no greater feeling.

9. Morrissey | Everyday Is Like Sunday
It's about any coastal town out of season or anywhere grey in Britain... I love Moz, I don't care about his politics and his aggresive veggieness, he is the greatest lyricist of all time and this song sums up how I felt a lot of the time about my home town Bournemouth, which I now miss a lot (naturally). I wanted to put in Boxers as well as that has the line Losing in front of your hometown... which I always think of when Bournemouth lose and how hard it must be for Eddie Howe, the manager, as he has so much pressure to keep them on top and he has brought up this team from the bottom. It means a lot to me and my mates because we are very proud of where we are from and feel lucky to of grown up there... Come and visit! You can't beat the South Coast vibe, there's a lot of wankers there... But some really good people... Try Chaplin's & The Cellar Bar in Boscombe, Fat White Family played there recently.

10. Sentics | Stop Dancing
My friend Marcus, who sounds and acts a little like Jonathan Richman (...least that's my impression!), but uses eletronics over guitars and EFX pedals... He is very talented but shy. We made a project called Chesil Beach together of noodly jams and spoken word tracks. He loves The Fall and Talking Heads and Scottish Post Punk... He is also a really talented painter. I hope he makes a lot more Music and paintings and we get the time to make more stuff as Chesil Beach together... I love his voice and far away dreamy guitar.