WARMER MIXTAPES #1578 | by Yilian Cañizares

1. Omar Sosa | Promised Land
Well, I just love every single piece of Art Omar Sosa does. My Music is highly influenced by his work… Through the years I come back again and again to his Music and always find new beauty and Inspiration. This song is especially beautiful to me, not only because of it’s esthetic and peaceful vibes, but also because of the powerful message it delivers.

2. Omara Portuondo | O Que Será (À Flor Da Terra) (with Chico Buarque) (Chico Buarque Cover)
I’m completely in love with this interpretation. Love the feeling Omara and Chico get together, the way their voices groove, the arrangement… If I feel a little bit down, this song is the best medicine!

3. Akua Naru | Poetry: How Does It Feel?
I discovered this artist few years ago by chance. A friend posted this song on Facebook and I was like Waoooo. I was completely hypnotized by the way she said every single word, by the Sensuality and the Honesty she put in every phrase. Later on, we had the opportunity to meet each other. Akua is very engaged for women's rights, for black people's rights, for minority rightsSo we have a few points in common! We immediately had a great feeling and we decided to perform together. I also invited her to feature on one track on my latest album Invocación.

4. Snarky Puppy | Lingus
I have just fallen in love with this band! They have this fresh, open minded, fearless approach to Music, which I really like. I also love the fact that they are reaching a very wide audience around the world doing a Music that is instrumental and very authentic and personal. In a world where the trend is to be uniform I love to think that these kind of miracles are still possible.

5. The Roy Hargrove Quintet | Strasbourg/St. Denis
I had a period that I listened to this tune every single day at home. I just get obsessed with it! The whole band is grooving so well!!! I guarantee this tune will put the Joy and the Sunshine in your soul immediately.

6. Erykah Badu | Didn’t Cha Know
I came to Erykah Badu quite late in my life. I mean while I was living in Cuba I was more into Cuban Music, and Classical Music and some JazzBut I really love her style and the way she is able to make a good song with very simple elements… Which is quite difficult to do! I also love this kind of Black Female Proudness she represents.

7. Nina Simone | I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins Cover)
Talking about black, and female, and being proud of it. Here is the queen! I’m very inspired by Nina, as an artist and as a human being. It takes a lot of courage to do what she did, to stand the way she did. How is possible to go on stage and not to talk about what is going wrong in our society? I mean, this is also our role as artists. So all my respect and admiration goes to the amazing artist and lady Nina was.

8. Avishai Cohen | Seven Seas
I love the creativity of this man! He can create very complex grooves and still make them seem very easy (as in this tune). The other thing I really like is that from the very first note you can recognize he is playing. He has found his own voice, which is one of the most important things as a musician.

9. Havana De Primera | Pasaporte
Coming from Cuba, I need to introduce you to my favorite Salsa group! These guys are simply amazing. I have some good childhood friends playing in this band and I’m very proud of them. I can’t listen to this Music without moving my whole body. It feels so right! Wherever I hear this Music... I get immediately transported to my hometown Havana.

10. Oscar Peterson + Stephane Grappelli + Joe Pass + Mickey Roker + Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen | Nuages (from Skol Live album)
Last but not least. One of my favorite violin players, playing with one of the greatest piano players of all times. Every time I listen to Grappelli it is like having a master class. Just close your eyes and listen to how beautiful a violin can sound.