WARMER MIXTAPES #1594 | by Jeff Kandefer of The Daysleepers

1. The Cure | The Same Deep Water As You
The Cure have long been my favorite band. Their Music just speaks to me in every way possible. This track however is something else entirely. The reverbed bell-like tones of Robert Smith's guitar lines, ghost-like vocals, echoing drums... It's just otherworldy. Even at nearly 10 minutes I often find myself hitting repeat on this track. I can't get enough of it. This song along with a handful of other Cure songs like High and Pictures Of You really highlight an instrument that changed everything for me, the Fender Bass IV. When I heard the unique sound Robert was getting from it I knew I had to have one. The way Robert plays that instrument has had an effect on practically everything I do with a guitar.

2. Slowdive | Souvlaki Space Station
If you ever wanted to imagine what Music made by aliens would sound like, this song should give you a pretty good idea. The very first time I heard those delayed opening chords it had my attention, but when all the other instruments slam in, I could not believe my ears. I knew I found something special and it changed my perspective on Music ever since. The depth and atmosphere of the song is just massive. Every single instrument just soars through Space. It's hard to describe it anymore than that, you just need to put the song on and crank it as loud as you can. I've definitely lost some of my hearing to this song.

3. Sade | No Ordinary Love
Deep rolling bassline, Ambient guitar lines rich with Distortion, Phaser and Reverb, and of course Sade Adu's amazing vocals... This song seems to break all the rules of typical R&B songs. Sade has a vocal ability that is rare in R&B, she can hold a straight note and stay in key. Most singers in the genre do a lot of vocal acrobatics or use tons of vibrato, but if you listen to Sade's voice it's like smooth honey. She holds long, breathy straight notes without wavering. The result is a calming effect that seems to almost soothe as you listen. Sade is a key influence in the way I model my vocals and melodies. This song is a perfect marriage of all the things that make Sade so incredible.

4. The Smiths | There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
I always love Morrissey's ability to sing about serious subject material yet still inject elements of Humor and Quirkiness. Everything in this song from the vocal melody to the awesome string and woodwind arrangements are amazing and so unconventional. Johnny Marr's guitar playing will always be an inspiration to me. Fans of my band The Daysleepers know that we have released a cover version of this song.

5. Pink Floyd | Us And Them
My parents always used to blast Pink Floyd albums on our Stereo when I was a kid. They would crank it so loud it would shake the house. At the time it sort of scared me... In a good way. The power of that Music speaks for itself. This song always makes the hair on my neck stand up. Gorgeous drifting melodies that explode into that powerful epic chorus. Very Inspiration stuff. Definitely sparked my interest in creating dream-like, Spacey Music.

6. Cocteau Twins | Serpentskirt
Milk & Kisses is not my favorite album by Cocteau Twins, but it does contain this gem that is hands down my favorite song by the group. Dark haunting melodies and guitars that sound like trains moving through the night. All of a sudden it changes to this beautiful sort of uplifting chorus. It has all the elements that make this band so special to me. Elizabeth Fraser taught me to put Melody first over Lyrics and Robin Guthrie's guitars are as influential to me as Robert Smith's. A highlight of my musical career was when Robin Guthrie left me a message that said Beautiful sounds... Beautiful guitars... in regards to The Daysleepers first EP Hide Your Eyes. My response was Well... You influenced it!

7. Tears For Fears | Everybody Wants To Rule The World
I love 80’s Music and growing up in that decade was great! This is one radio song from that era that I still love so much. It always takes me back to being a kid. It has that sad, yet at the same time happy vibe that certain songs had in the 80's... It's hard to explain but I love that sound whatever it is (See also Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode). The vocal melodies are great, love the guitars & guitar solo in this track. Roland Orzabal is such an unique singer. I’m a huge fan of all of this band's material.

8. Alice In Chains | Rotten Apple
In the 90's, like so many people I feel deeply in Love with the Grunge scene but I was never a big Nirvana fan. Instead, I found myself drawn to the heavy and haunting sounds of bands like Alice In Chains & Soundgarden. This song which kicks off the Jar Of Flies album had me awestruck when I first heard it. It just sounds so deep, dark and full of Anguish but at the same time it’s beautiful. Jerry Cantrell's guitar work here is just brilliant. A very underrated guitar player if you ask me. He knows when to rock out and when to show restraint and do something more melodic. Whatever he does, Cantrell knows how to place the right notes at the right time. He’s also a great singer and, when he harmonizes with Layne Staley, that takes the band to a whole new level.

9. Depeche Mode | Walking In My Shoes (Single Mix)
A massive, breathtaking song by one of my favorite bands. This track also introduced me to the sonic possibilities of an E-Bow. The way it's used at the end of this song creates a beautiful heavenly slide that lifts you up and fades you right out of the track. I went out and bought one as soon as I saw them play this live in Toronto! I like the Single Mix, the version that was in the Music Video, the best. It seems produced better and has a better flow than the Album Version in my opinion.

10. Interpol | Leif Erikson
Early in the 2000's I really started to discover some amazing Indie Rock bands, but none hit me harder than Interpol. Their debut album Turn On The Bright Lights immediately became a classic for me. Every song on this record is perfectly placed, but this closing tune gives me the chills everytime I hear it. One of the things I love most about this band is the way the two guitars interplay and almost seem to talk to each other. It seems like something unique to this band. I've heard other bands attempt it, but, if you ask me, nobody does it better than Interpol.