1. Depeche Mode | Black Celebration
Beautiful emotional song using E-MU emulators and Sequential Circuits synths.This to me is Depeche Mode right at the top of their game. Would fit in well with an early John Carpenter movie.

2. Gary Numan | Metal
Taken from The Pleasure Principle. Amazing production from Numan highlighting the use of Polymoogs, Minimoogs, Live Drumming all flanged and phased into a beautiful mix of a dystopian future controlled by machines. Should have been a single!

3. Butthole Surfers | Jimi
Hard to describe this track as it's totally fucking insane.

4. David Sylvian | Before The Bullfight
From the album Gone To Earth is this amazing journey from Sylvian which features the beautiful sound of Bill Nelson on guitar and Richard Barbieri demonstrating how to use a Prophet 5 properly.

5. John Foxx | Plaza
Prototype Techno at its finest.. Although no Moogs on this track, its lush sounds are created by an Arp Odyssey and the beautiful sounding Roland CR-78. As cold and futuristic as you can get!

6. Psyche | Neurotic Behavior
Carl Craig demonstrating he's no one-trick pony with this beautiful 8 minute slice of deep emotional electronics. One of the best pieces of Music out of Detroit.

7. The Human League | The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1
The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1-4... Amazing and before they had them 2 girls in the band and went shit.

8. Bochum Welt | CH Riot (On Proxima Centauri)
About as Aphex you can get without being Aphex. Superb Emotional Music from Italy's finest.

9. Can | Tape Kebab
Can jamming live in London recording for The John Peel Show. It's not prefect,  but it's tight and trippy as fuck.

10. David Sylvian & Holger Czukay | Flux (A Big, Bright, Colourful World)
One of the best Ambient tracks ever recorded... Simply, simply lovely.