WARMER MIXTAPES #1601 | by Felix Cage

1. Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke | Ego
Could not believe my eyes when I saw the artists collaborating on this track. And they delivered!... Best of three worlds.

2. Dream Your Dream | XTC
An old Belgian Hard Trance track of the 90's. I used to listen to this kind of stuff back in the days when I travelled with my family by car around Europe sightseeing. I especially remember this track playing when we would be on the way home driving on dark highways. Melodic and Dancefloor (for the days at least), it has the elements of my style today (not that hard and fast though). So something that clearly contributed to shaping my style today I guess.

3. Agatha Christie | Опиум Для Никого (Opium For Nobody)
Agatha Christie was one of the biggest Rock bands in Soviet Union and then Russia that clearly had great influence on me. The original Russian title Опиум Для Никого translates as Opium For Nobody or... No One. The track had a special meaning, conveying the message that Music is Opium for Nobody. Opium effect of Music being rather clear and for nobody refers to Art being free and not belonging to or depending on anyone. I find it interesting that the English title on official releases of the track is Opium For Anyone which kind of makes the second part of the message obsolete.

4. Massive Attack | Angel
This track is just perfect! So much Emotion... Every sound is placed exactly where it should be, contributing to the balance between Relief and Tension in the track. And that vocal gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Massive Attack's masterpiece in my book.

5. Rodriguez Jr. | Nausicâa
One of my favorite Electronic artists, period. His melange of groove and melodies gives its own personal Sound and it has, no doubt, contributed to my sound and style. It was difficult to pick my favorite track I have to be honest. Both his albums, Bittersweet and Baobab, are gems in my book, not to mention multiple great works on Mobilee and other labels including our own Electronical Reeds with the remix he did for me back in 2012. I decided to go with Nausicâa because this is probably the track I played the most from his repertoire and still play today. And it makes reference to Captain Harlock (Albator in French) which I am a fan of as well.

6. Röyksopp | Keyboard Milk
Another Electronic Music project that has had great influence on my Music. This track particularly was on repeat at my place for a while. Rather slow paced with heavy synths and a lovely chords progression. Could not get enough of it, guess it is just my thing. Oh, and do try and catch their live show, quite spectacular I have to say.

7. Cherrymoon Trax | The House Of House
One of the defining tracks of Belgium's Electronic Music scene of the 90's when Belgium was in forefront of the scene and it was a hit anthem of the Cherry Moon club. I did not personally get to know this moment, but you can always get a glimpse of that era with the Retro parties they still do 3-4 times a year. When I actually started going out, this was one of my favorite clubs until it closed around 2004. This is where one of my very first tracks got played for the first time in an actual club (thank you, Youri!). And the release was also in the first lot of vinyls I bought, only to realize when I got home that I could not play it because I had no turntables yet...

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Scar Tissue
One of my all-time favorite bands and one of my favorite tracks of them. If you have not heard this... You've been living under a rock, my friend.

9. Paul Kalkbrenner | Gebrünn Gebrünn   
Paul at his best. First time I heard it I was swept away instantly. Perfect example of tracks pushing boundaries of Conventional Music productions and proof that something New and Original works. Then I went on to check his other works and was hooked ever since. Less fan of his latest releases, something is missing there or maybe the expectations were set too high.

10. Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins | It's Like That ('Drop The Break' Radio Edit)
Back in the days I used to do some breakdancing and this was one of my favorite tracks to practice on. Also, without any proper instructor, my friends and I did try to copy the moves from videos and this one was one of our tutorials. We were slow learners, so we watched this video over and over God knows how many times. We learned all the lyrics way before we learned the windmill.