Facts & Figures | with Magnus Wahlström (Diktendo, My Life In Pixels, Etapp2, Etikett, Citylights) of Boat Club

Warmer Climes: That Slowdive cover comes so tender. Sounds like was created with no pressure. With no loud expressions of admiration (like I gave you several times). It captures a very sincere and intimate Magnus. Not even like Boat Club or Diktendo etc. I really want that to evolve somehow. But I guess you know best what your heart whispers. I'm pretty excited about that new Boat Club material and can't wait to hear also the Sally Shapiro remix. From a strongly hysterical Vlad, trying too much and acting weird maybe... I guess I've become something else today. Better. Overall... Stays this joy of knowing you and understading in so many flicks your music. It's still good to explore you. I'm proud to have a blog called from one of your songs. I guess you're as high as the sky and the fact you're into aeroplanes, piloting and such... Makes you even dreamier in my eyes. I learned to just enjoy and shut up. I've lost my closest uncle last thursday and this past week was a dark-funeral one. He was just 41. A heart attack. I saw in my eyes (once again) how short and unpredictable life is. If you're lucky you'll take much from it. But it doesn't matter. It's for a short time. Everything comes to pass and it's better to just breathe and smile and stop being so pretentious, forcing it. I felt stupid about how full-of-desire and desperate I've reacted during the last year about Sweden. But was a good experience. Now I'm here. With new eyes. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you last summer on our Black Sea as I planned. Dunno about the future. The most predictable one would be with me travelling somewhere around where you perform. Til then...Shine! You make me love myself more. I feel more patient.

Magnus Wahlström
That cover...It was a long time ago, but I liked it. I doubt I will have any time soon to do any music of my own though, obviously we don't even have time for BC. Hopefully we get the Sally remix out soon, and maybe new BC stuff too, we'll see. And about the Black Sea gig, we would probably not have been able to play anyways, we hardly play anymore, since we don't have any new songs.

Warmer Climes: You made me realize. You made me see the world and my life on a whole new level. I'm simply smiling only thinking on how many good memories I have with your sound. Don't ever let this dream die. This is SOMETHING SPECIAL. SPARKS THAT NEVER DIES. Don't care when it comes... It's a matter of moods, time and inspiration. A very strange combination of substances indeed. Let yourself into The Sun... You have the control... Boat Club was never about money or conditions. Or limits. At least this is how I always felt it. That's why is eternal. Cause it never forced anything. It's the purest form I know of fantasy voices swallowed by shoegazy guitars... It's the highest dream. So... With wings open! In our aeroplane! Into The Sun! Into the future! The perfect club. On Warmer Climes!