WARMER MIXTAPES #519 | by Laurent Heinrich [Ferris Bueller/Lifelike]

1. Tangerine Dream | Tangram Set 1
This track is really special to me, it was used in the movie Risky Business, one of Tom Cruise first success in theaters, and the soundtrack of this was as shock for me, the photography of this movie is amazing, cut the music and you won't get the same ambience. A real piece of art, other tracks of the movie includes Prince, Jeff Beck, it's totally amazing. Pure piece of 80's art.

2. Daft Punk | Rollin' & Scratchin'
I saw them when they were touring at a festival here in France called Cybernaut Circus somewhere in '96, playing live, just before they released Homework, their music was so different from all the other DJ's that were playin that night, so fresh and they were using those 80's drummachines that nobody had been used since years in their music, got hooked with House Music forever!

3. Prince And The Revolution | I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version)
This the best song ever from Prince, in my opinion, and he's anyway one of the best composer/producer/ever, he just does everything on his record, totally amazing!

4. Barclay James Harvest | Love On The Line
Great song, I use to listen to that when going to high-school in my walkman. I like the fact that the drums are totally undermixed and have no basses, but what a brilliant song.

5. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke | Rubicon
Too bad this track never worked the way it should have worked, a bigger success was expected, anyway, this is my fav of all Alan & Fred productions, they are the most brilliant side of the French Touch. I love the fact that we all crossed the level of production and pushed the music further, this track is a good exemple of bringing a certain vibe, 80's vibe in that case into House Music. This is the real French House Music, no bullshit, no artifice, and damn check the production when the distorted sound gets in the mix, it's amazing!

6. Blancmange | Feel Me
Another great band from the 80's, typical huge production, dark vocals, big snares and hair... When I bought my first sampler, that was the first record I sampled.

7. Brad Fiedel | Terminator Arrival
One of the craziest track from The Terminator, the famous 80's movie with A. Schwartzenegger, entirely done on computers, back in the days, that must have been a lot of work! I saw this movie when I was 10 year-old at school, we used to have a video club there, as my parents were working the entire day, I would just stay at school and there was a young teacher with us he would just show us all those crazy movies from the 80's. Terminator.

8. Bryan Ferry | Is Your Love Strong Enough (with David Gilmour)
Well Bryan Ferry was almost 40 when he had his first solo successes, before with Roxy Music he had a couple of hits, but I think his time was definitely from 1982 to 1987, I collected all his albums, really amazing melodies, choruses. And I love the image he tried to carry, like the big seducer with suit, so 80's, truth is that as rubish this would look like now, back then this guy was a real superstar, you couldn't power on a radio one day without hearing this track. Better than Rihanna, no?

9. Chic | My Feet Keep Dancing
Chic is the best Disco band ever, this is so New York Paradise Garage stuff, I absolutely love Disco. Disco should be something protected by laws, just like whales. Would it be possible to convince a radio programmer those days to exchange David Guetta's latest bullshit against a good Chic record?

10. Don Johnson | Voice On A Hotline
Ha, this is another masterpiece, the Miami Vice serie was so famous that the main actor would also end up doing hit records... Damn Don Johnson, my girlfriend was in love with him... When she was 10. Well this is an amazing track, listen to the saxophone solo, I bought the 45rpm back in the days, perfect song to go to the beach in the summertime, enjoy!