WARMER MIXTAPES #520 | by Nico J. [Jaws da Jormungand/Hound Scales]

1. Throwing Snow | Too Polite
I just straight love this track, I love the frantic nature of it, the harshness of the vocal, and the way he uses D'n'B Break type percussion over that drum pattern. Turned out to be very unique and dope.

2. Paleman | Destroya
Just judging by everything I’ve heard by Paleman, we share a very similar ear for Music. This song particularly stood out to me though. Not only is it the first wobble that I’ve liked in years, which is quite a feat, but I also love the juxtaposition of the sample with the instrumental.

3. Ghetts | Red Pill (feat. Mercston)
Ghetts is a monster, and this song pretty much confirms that fact. When I blast this is my car, it feels like all the blood is gonna burst out the top of my head. Ghetts posseses the flow and energy of the best Grime artists, while also possessing actual lyrical ability, which, let's be real, Grime is not exactly known for.

4. Visionist | Sodium
I don’t know what it is about this song, but it was one of my most listened to in 2011. I just love the percussion, the beat structure, and the simplicity of it. Being inundated with super polished tunes all the time growing up, made me realize how much I like the rawness of Deep UK Music. It's moody, and it doesn’t need to be perfect or be classically composed.

5. George Fitzgerald | Feel Like
George Fitzgerald is my go to when I’m in a good mood, and I’m actually trying to express that fact. He knows how to make a tune you want to dance to, while maintaining a distinct feel and beauty. This song particularly grabbed me, my phone was in a gang of iPod speakers over the last week, and a lot of people heard this joint.

6. Darqwan | Confused

Darqwan is my standard go to when I’m in the mood to hear some bassline. This song pretty much embodies the aesthetic that made me fall in love with UK Music in the first place. And of course, any Sci-Fi samples will instantly grab my attention.

7. Lloyd Banks | Make It Stack
Lloyd Banks' mixtapes are a guarantee. You’re gonna get hardcore emotional punchline Rap. It’s always nostalgic for me listening to Rap of this type. I love this beat and the hook, gives me the chills almost every time I bump it. Not even an ASAP Rocky verse could ruin this piece of Magic.

8. Zomby | Labyrinth
Zomby, standard, one of my biggest influences. Love the old school hype on this one, he rarely goes this route anymore and it’s always a treat when he does. Dedication and Nothing dominated my iTunes plays this year. And he actually showed up to his show in SF, which was fuckin raw as shit, so it was a good year for standin behind dude.

9. MK | Burning (Vibe Mix)
This song somehow managed to slip through my grubby paws over the years until one of my few local musical contemporaries brought it to my attention. The sadness of the vocal just makes me melt. Dancing and melting at the same time is pretty much what it is.

10. Goapele | Goapele (5kinAndBone5 & Vin Sol Remix)
Once again, shiver territory. Another one of 5kinAndBone5 signature constantly evolving beats, you always hear new little details when you listen to it. Me and my homie were talking about this track, and all we could say is that it feels like you're getting hit by a wave of fire when that vocal comes in.

+11. Crayzee Banditt | March Of The Devil
To me, Crayzee Banditt is the dopest Grime producer out right now. It has a dark trappyness, with a serious Satanic feel. You can feel a wide array of influences when you listen to his shit. Serious mood music that makes you want to bust heads in.

+12. Björk | Thunderbolt
Björk is my religion and belief system and I think this ranks with anything off her previous albums, which is a huge statement. I shrivel up into a little ball when I listen to this.