WARMER MIXTAPES #524 | by Ross Campbell [Silver Wren]

1. Espers | Dead Queen
I just discovered this group and have to say that I am captivated by their sound. Their music comes across as antique in a way, with a relaxed somberness that I find suits the weather, mood. The female vocalist in particular amazes me with how much she can emote while staying in the background.

2. Expensive Looks | Vanishers
This song is very visual for me, a lot of gritty textures come out in Alec Feld's Psych-Pop under Expensive Looks. The rise and fall of drum loops and vocal samples leaves you at a loss as to how to react, perfect for any walk with a crowded mind.

3. Sufjan Stevens | Pittsfield
It's a yearly tradition for me to sift through and listen to Sufjan Stevens as the weather cools down. This track is a wonderful example of Stevens' subtle complexity.

4. Avey Tare | Oliver Twist
I've been a long-time fan of Animal Collective, and more so of Avey Tare and his wildness. This track is more subdued than the others on his LP and I keep finding myself needing to listen to it.

5. Braids | Lemonade
This song is from one of my favorite bands to follow these days. With Lemonade, an original and exciting arrangment of guitar with Ambient noises fills me a nice dose of energy.

6. Andy McKee | Art Of Motion
Andy Mckee I think has achieved a perfect Minimalism with his solo guitar work, so many thoughts are crammed into this track yet it's so easy to attach to.

7. Antony And The Johnsons | Everything Is New
Antony Hegarty's voice is something that is heard as much as it is felt, the quavers reach like tendrils into me with every listen.

8. Sobrenadar | Morus
This music is pure mood, the EP this is from - Vent Solaire is best Ambient piece I've ever come across.

9. Björk | Hope
This track has a beguiling sense of motion, I am always inspired by the kind of compositions Björk uses. I usually find myself listening to her in the morning as I shake off the haze.

10. St. Vincent | Year Of The Tiger
Annie Clark always writes with a wistful sense of humor and awareness of her surroundings. I've grown to love her songs because they feel so personal and her musicianship really wowed me on this record.