WARMER MIXTAPES #573 | by Sebastian Neri [BA$SY]

1. Soul Coughing | True Dreams Of Wichita
This song is Musical Perfection to me. It's insanely cool and bursting with subjective beauty. On top of that, it's groovy as fuck. I couldn't tell you when I first heard it, my mother played it during road trips for as long as I can remember.

2. Justice | Phantom
And Phantom Pt. II too!... Phantom is an absolute masterpiece. I'm honestly not sure that I would be making Electronic Music if a sixteen-year-old version of me hadn't heard them.

3. Minutemen | Corona
Honestly, this was a breakup song for me. When my first girlfriend left me, this was the only song that made me feel better. It highlights the fact that Humans are simple and stupid and that's extremely comforting to me.

4. The Shins | Australia
I don't particularly love this band, but this song is nothing short of amazing. The line born to multiply is probably my favorite lyric of all time.

5. Nirvana | Old Age
This is another song that reminds me of the purely simple Nature of Humans. It makes you feel like as long as you are surviving, you're doing alright.

6. Wavves | So Bored
This song makes me want to grab a skateboard and just stop caring about anything. To just embrace Nihilism. It reinforces every rebellious thought that has ever crossed my mind.

7. Ratatat | Falcon Jab
I remember the first time I heard this song. That's a pretty big deal, considering the fact that I usually have to hear a song at least five times before I can really connect with it. I remember hearing the first 20 seconds of it and instantly falling in Love. No other song has been so immediately attractive for me.

8. The White Stripes | Little Cream Soda
I remember listening to this when I was 18. Just about to become a real adult and attempt to function like one. And I remember feeling exactly what the song described, Confusion and Indifference. Oh well, oh well, oh well.

9. Maxine Nightingale | Right Back Where We Started From
It's pretty hard to listen to this song and not feel Free. Everything about it is liberating and beautiful.

10. Girls | Morning Light
This song feels so fucking dirty. You can actually hear the drug use, you can hear the bad decisions. And you can feel alright about it.