WARMER MIXTAPES #574 | by Adrian Buruca [Prismic Delight] of Ghost Burqas

1. Frank Zappa | It Must Be A Camel
Frank arranged in such a full and complete way on this album. There is just so much to this track. It gives you the feeling like you just had a good laugh.

2. Venetian Snares | Fluff Master
The odd time, the Jazzy chords that come in half way, the way the drums sound like they were recorded in a glass balloon. It sounds Blue. This is the perfect song to show to a girl and make her think your a weirdo. That's the best feeling!!!!

3. Soft Machine | Slightly All The Time
This is like the Perfect Music for me. Minor Jazz chords, loose drums and it turns into some Psychedelic Droning shit towards the end.

4. Dreams | OooO
This is an instant classic. It got me the first time I heard it. All this guys stuff is just begging to be danced too. Jesse is cool. He has such a love for Funk and Fusion. He speaks my language musically.

5. Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm
This song is amazing. The chords are great. This track taught me about Song Structure and Progression. It's a timeless tune.

6. John Coltrane | Sun Ship
This is an odd one. It's like a naked girl running away from a ravenous cannibal on a mountain bike at 3 am. McCoy Tyner is an amazing pianist.

7. Miles Davis | Black Satin
It just has some Funky ass bongos at the beginning followed by more Funk with the bass and gnarly hand claps and a wah-wah trumpet.

8. Boards Of Canada | Over The Horizon Radar
So beautiful. Makes me think of Extraterrestrial Life discovering Earth.

9. James Blake | Postpone
It's all about balance. Then at the end it has some sweet soulful chords with singing and moaning. This would be a Top 40 hit if people raised their kids with odd time signatures and long attention spans. Let's change the World. It got boring.

10. Beach House | Astronaut
Beach House is amazing. The highs she hits on this track give me chills. I recommend listening to this while high riding your bike around L.A. on a sunny day.