WARMER MIXTAPES #575 | by Gus Beamish-Cook [Bewilderbeast/Chalices Of The Past]

1. Entro Senestre | La Caccia
This track, in a deep, almost subconscious way, was a huge influence on the new album. Kind of brooding, analogue House vibes. If I could make music this good I would be a very happy man. I first heard it on a mixtape by Speculator, and didn't know what it was but just kept skipping back to the track compulsively. Dark, deep, awesome.

2. Pional | In Another Room
Like the Entro Senestre track, this is another one that I got addicted to quite a long time ago and have compulsively listened to so much that it's become part of the fabric of my Life. I love the VR digital vocal synths on this. When I read Neuromancer for the first time (I'm massively into late 80's/90's Sci-Fi) I used to listen to this on repeat, and the two have become inextricably linked in my mind in a big fuzzy Techno-lump. I can't listen to it without thinking of Dystopian future cityscapes and VR cyberworlds. The album actually has a sample of William Gibson reading Neuromancer hidden in it.

3. Gatekeeper | Serpent
For about a month, I'd walk my dogs everyday through the Nature reserve near my house. It was Winter so it was quite barren, sparse and cold. Often it would be raining. I would listen to Giza through a couple of times while they ran around and then walk home again. This is my favourite track from the album. Makes me think of that bit in Snow Crash where Hiro is chasing Raven on a VR motorbike along The Street.

4. New Balance | Small Multiples
This is more of an album than a track. It's an extended piece of New Age Minimalism. At the moment it's one of my most listened to albums. I put it on to think about things, or when I'm drawing. It's like a more melodic version of Lucky Dragons if they only used one sample.

5. The Crystal Ark | The City That Never Sleeps
As you've probably been able to tell by my choices so far, I'm a massive sucker for anything Analogue, Synthy and Disco/House oriented. This is one my favourite tracks by Gavin Russom. He's a bit of a personal hero. What's not to love? Wizard vibes? Check. An extensive collection of Analogue synths? Check. I have to say that I preferred him in his previous bearded, Merlin-esque incarnation to his current clean shaven, white suits/flatcap combo phase. WHY DID HE HAVE TO TAME THE MANE?

6. Zapp & Roger | Computer Love
Such an infectious groove. In a weird way, this track kind of merged with this trashy Cyberpunk novel I was reading when I first heard it called New York Blues (it's by Eric Brown and thoroughly enjoyable if anyone wants to track it down). There's a lot of graphically described seedy VR sex scenes in it, so I guess it kind of fits.

7. R. Stevie Moore | Thinking
I recently graduated from University and have moved back home to my parent's house. In life terms, that means going from an environment where I always had friends around/was drinking/partying/hanging quite a lot, to an environment where I don't really do any of that any more and spend a lot of time alone. I miss all the BR00TAL KREW dudes from York. For me this track kind of epitomises that feeling of being Alone, wanting Change, but not knowing what to do. I do a lot of thinking... Thinking bout the way I think.

8. Floating Points | Peroration V (feat. Fatima)
During the summer I spent a lot of time cruising on my old board around York, skating down along the river to BR00TAL HQ to hang with the krew. I listened to this song while I was skating. I ride an old school plastic 70's cruiser and this track was just perfect for fluid cruising on smooth concrete in the Sun.

9. David Rubato | Circuit (Steve Moore Remix)
This track is the ultimate soundtrack to the post Nuclear-post Cyber Dystopia of the Future. Irradiated winds, washing through the fractured remains of glass and diamond skyscrapers. The idea of the Future Dystopia has been something I've been obsessed with since my early teens. In fact, RUNNING is kind of a concept album about a Dystopian Cyber world. The idea is that the album is a sort of soundtrack to this guy's mounting belief that the perfect beach world that he lives in is actually a VR simulation. As this paranoia grows, and the suspicion that the ideal, easy, Tropical life that he's been living isn't actually Real comes to consume him, everything in his life falls apart. The actual track RUNN1NG is a recurring dream he has of what he believes to be Reality. He is in a forest and something is perpetually chasing him, he is always out of breath, and it is cold and wet. There are others running with him. He doesn't know them and they don't know him.

10. Lucky Dragons | Heartbreaker
Me and my girlfriend (Yamma) are huge Lucky Dragons fans. This is my favourite Lucky Dragons track. The track speaks for itself.