WARMER MIXTAPES #710 | by Joseph Walsh of Dignan Porch

1. Space Needle | Eyes To The World
This is a band I Stumbled Across. Their record Voyager is Awesome. Full of Strange Little Home Recorded Pop Songs that Really Flow Together. I can't remember where I ordered this record from, but it came with this Old Postal Slip inside about Joining a Mailing List or something, it felt Very Nostalgic.

2. Henry's Dress | Hey Allison
Just Go and Listen to This Song, from the album Bust 'Em Green. Perfect Noisey Pop. I'd like Slumberland Records to Reissue them.

3. The Fall | Edinburgh Man
Mark E. Smith's Love Song to Edinburgh. I really like Softer Early 90's Fall tracks like this one and Bill Is Dead from Extricate.

4. Silver Jews | Punks In The Beerlight
I probably prefer other SJ songs, but I'm picking this one Today. I just Really Like the line I loved you to the Max. Every Silver Jews record is Great, this one is More Polished than the others, I think it sounds Fantastic. The Opening Lead Guitar Tone is so Cool.

5. Eat Skull | Stupid Moon
This album only Came Out Recently and I Love it, especially this song which sounds kind of Lonesome and Haunted. I think the singer Rob Enbom writes Great Lyrics and a Voice You Believe.

6. Boston Spaceships | Winston's Atomic Bird
Brown Submarine is Great from Start to Finish, a Really Strong Record. This is the Opening Track, it's 1 minute 48 seconds and It Rules.

7. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Waking Up To Hand Grenades
The latest BJM album is Great, this track Really Springs to Life and has a Bucket Load of Melodies. I've been to see them Live many times and they're Always Great.

8. The Clean | Are You Really On Drugs?
From the latest Clean album, Mister Pop. I'm Really Into Repetitive Guitar Pop and this is it in the Purest Form. Fantastic Vocal and Interesting Drum Sound, I just Love the Dreamy Lyrics, it's the Whole Package. The Clean really are the Kings of This Style.

9. Sauna Youth | Hairstyles
These guys are a London based band, they're Amazing Live. Wicked Opening Guitar Riff and Great Pop Elements Wrapped Up in the Toughness. I listen to it a Lot.

10. Songs: Ohia | Lioness
I’ll add this as Jason Molina died recently. I must admit I only got into this band in the past 2 or 3 years. This song is Really Nice, it sounds Sparse and Takes Its Time, but then it also has this Great Hook with the Vocal Saying I will swim to you over a Brilliant Lead Guitar Bit, Very Unique.