WARMER MIXTAPES #709 | by Alan R. [Echomoon/Necedah/Creeks Of Wine]

Basically. 99% of the Time I'm on my Computer. I'm either listening to my own beats that I've made because they make Good Backround Noise. I'll usually make a beat, and then listen to it, until I hate it. But mostly I listen to a lot of the same stuff I've listened to a lot of my Adult Hood. Which is mostly Japanese Modern Classical, Japanese Electro Acoustic. Abstract Sound, Art Stuff. Music of these such classifications make it easier for me to Relax, and Help with my Sleeping Problems caused by Asperger's. So this will be 'What puts Necedah to peace'. When I got back into the Mix of Things of Making Beats when I was 23 (I'm 26 now) I used the name Echomoon. I was also Making Beats when I was 17 and 18. But never really got all that good. And after 18 I had Other Shit Going On in My Life which Provoked Me into Attempting to Being Social. (Although now I realize most of these people wants to Hang Out With Me Because I Had Something They Wanted) I listened to 60 hours of Music a Week in my Bedroom, for 4-5 years. So from late 18 to to later 22, when I engaged into a relationship with my current girlfriend, who I met on MySpace when I was 18, I Stopped Digging and Digging for Different Music to Get Into. I felt like I was Somewhat Comfortable with what I had Knowledge On Already. So I Continue to Listen to Most of my Favorites, Daily. And I Share Most of the Music I Make and Listen To with my Someday Father in Law. Who is my Hetero Soul Mate and One of The People I Look Up To the Most of my Life. I am so glad to be with his daughter and So Honored To Know Him, and be a part of Their Families Life. I can't wait to be back Living in New Mexico. Wisconsin is a drag and has been Hard On Me. This fall me and Russ (girlfriend's Dad) are going to be going to Canyon Lands in Moab, Utah for a visit and Get Lost in the World Inside of Ourselves and Reflect Harder Than Anyone Could Ever Imagine with the Universe and Energy That Makes It.

10 songs I like Right Now.
That I've Always Liked, and I do not like Branching Much Off of My Beaten Trail...

1. Kazumasa Hashimoto | Echomoo
This is what I would call The Story Of My Life and it is a Genuine Lullaby of My Integrity. Also where I got my name from when I started up Producing Again.

2. Radicalfashion | Thousand (feat. Carl Stone)
I first heard this track when I was in my early 20's and it Really Curve Balled my Desires and Thoughts of What Could Possible Be Made Music Wise. This is One of the Most INTENSE Tracks I've Ever Heard in My Life. It's so Visual. It's so Binaural. It's so Lulling. Such a Beautiful Masterpiece, later on in my Current Life I ended up talking to Carl Stone over the Internet and he has told me Radicalfashion is Very Reclusive and has No More Desire to Make Music. And this was Hard for Me to Take. Because I wanted another release after Odori, because it is One of my All Time Favorite Albums.

3. Kim Hiorthøy | Mandarinerna
This song really was What Peaked Me Over to How Abstract the Electronica Side of Things Really Could Be. I looked up to Kim Hiorthøy as an Idol For a Very Long Time of My Life. I got into him around 18. And ended up meeting him when I was 21 in Chicago. I dropped about Half of What Was in My Bank Account At The Time. To pay for my friend from Minnesota at the time. To Drive to Green Bay (my home town) and drive to Chicago because I was determined to MEET this Man. And it was a Very Intense 24 Hours. I ended up hanging out with Kim, had a beer with him. Talked to him some. He was a Genuine Nice Man, and Everything I Expected Really. He is from Norway, so there was a Vague Barrier of Communication. He didn't speak English EXTREMELY. But I caught most of it and His Accent was Very Intense. And he was Very Soft Spoken. But, when he got on set, it Probably Changed My Life How Much Energy He Put Into His Set. And keep in mind... "I have Asperger's"... I don't have desires to "Kick It" or "Hang Out". I am Used to Sitting in Bed with my Laptop and Listening to Music for 60 hours a Week. So this Experience Was INTENSE for My Brain.

4. Aaron Martin | The Weight Of Grain Against Your Body
I have been a VERY Big Fan of Aaron Martin from around 19 to Now. When I was 23 he stayed with me and my girlfriend Torey for 3 days while we were living in Torey's parents Back Up Trailer Home that was in the Middle of Nowhere in the Desert in Espanola, New Mexico. Aaron Inspired Me Loads. He Made Me Realize How Much Passion Some People Put Into Music. And three years later me and Aaron Still Talk via email and once in a while via Facebook. I love him, we spent Two Long Nights Conversing in Abstract Conversation in the Stars on a Cold Fall Night. Then he played a show in Santa Fe, at this Extremely Pretense Venue which is No Longer There. The owner was a Very Uppity Man who was from California or some shit. Who thought he was the Hipster King of Santa Fe. This dude is One of Million of the Plethora of Retards I do Not Appreciate Who Try to Make their Claim to Fame off Making Trends... I just don't care for you, Red Cell. Quit Trying To Impress People. You're an Idiot. You Don't Impress Me. Hope you Read this, FUCKER!!!

5. Haruka Nakamura | Arne
I got Into This around 18 as well. This Song Opened Up my Spirits and Made my Aura Form and had me Develope Into the Beautiful Bloom that I Am. I used to Freestyle to this in the Car while I drove to Work at Sam's Club where I was a Cart Pusher from 18 and 19. Fuck Sam Walton. Fuck Big Business.

6. Tsukimono | Don't Speak Your Body Language
The Title in this Track Alone. Made me Think so Hard. The Music is so Blissful that it Made Me Search for MORE AND MORE Music. I used to talk to Johan (Tsukimono) for many years via MySpace. He is from Sweden, he was a Very Modest, Noble Yet in Some Sense Very Self Loathing. But he gives so Much Emotion from His Music. And we had a lot of Great Words Back and Forth. Last I talked to him was March 2010 when I was living in Albuquerque. I miss him a bit. But Hopefully Someday We'll Exchange Words Again. Until then I will listen to his treasures he's created in the Past and maybe what he'll release in the Future.

7. Takagi Masakatsu | Girls
This is a Beautiful Song which Captivated a lot of Emotion and Self Reflecting for Me. Without this song I can say I Would Not Be the Same Person...

8. zmi | Calm Mind
Me and Rie (zmi) are Good Friends via the Web. And I have been Sampling Her Songs for a Very Long Time. We actually have a Collaborative Track coming out within the next 6 months at some point. Which makes me Extremely Happy. I just think there is Something in the Water in Japan which makes them More Advanced and Creative at Playing Instruments, especially the Piano. Someday I'd like to visit Japan and Spend Time There and Experience the Culture. That is on my Bucket List of Things that will Improve my Self Reflecting.

9. Sogar | Solang
This track is Very, Very Good. And I come back to it about Once or Twice a Week. And Really Dig My Soul Into It. It is 100% Creative. And Pushes Me to Continue Doing What I Love... Music... Exploring the Love of My Life's Soul, and Digging Deeper for Answers in my Life...

10. Constrobuz | The Donts
Me and Constrobuz (Chris) are about As Close As Two Beat Makers Could Possibly Be. We Talk A LOT Online. And Give Each Other Input on a Lot of Things. He is On Par With Me on Being Humerous and Disgustingly Honest About Everything. We've released a lot of Music Together. He Ever Released Music with me When I Was Horrible. Which I Cherish, and Look Up to Him a Lot For. He was One of the First Beat Makers, and this was One of the First Songs that Really Triggered my Sense of I need to get back into the Game... Constrobuz is One of the Two Hip Hop Producers that I Listen To On my Own Free Will Without Them Throwing a Link in my Face...

+11. Ahwlee | Cupcakes.
I have Listened to this Beat More Than Any Single Song EVER In My Life. Ahwlee Captivates Wayyyyy Too Much Emotion Out of Chopping Samples and Laying Over Some Midi Pads Over Beats, I used to talk to Ali (Ahwlee) a lot. And He Was Always Kind of an Enigma, and I Liked That. But he deleted his Facebook and Stopped Releasing as Much Beats. I KNOW HE'S STILL BUSY MAKING 'EM THO'. Come back, Ahwlee. You're Too Precious. RELEASE SOMETHING. He is One of the Two Hip Hop Producers I Listen To On My Own Will.