WARMER MIXTAPES #736 | by Chance Avery VanderWeide [HYPH!X/OG BLEED OVT] of Atakxx and High Spheric

1. King Tubby | A Murderous Dub
One of my All Time favorite tracks. The feeling and overall vibe of this track is untouchable, I used to religiously run this in the early morning as I was preparing myself for the long productive day to come.

2. J Dilla | So Far To Go (feat. Common & D’Angelo)
Beautiful track, the formula of this one is sooo sweet and so smooth. Most definitely sex to the ear, I could play this on repeat for the rest of my life … RIP DILLA.

3.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
What can I say, It’s a fucking Classic!! Hella magic track, sooo raw, and so cutting edge for its time. One could say this track invocates from the inner layers.

4. I-F | Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Groovy, raw, Minimal Techno at its best! This is that Acid Kulb Muzic that still keeps it on the down low, some real hyper sensitive machines made this one.

5. Big L | All Black
So brutal, gunshots and sirens all the way, the beats trill as well, I’m assuming it's some Miles Davis sampled shit, haha. This is the shit you listen to before you rob a bank.

6. Com Truise | Closed 
I've only been into this homie for a year or so. His sound is one of a kind, I have been listening to this song a lot lately. It's kinda like tripped out Emotional Video Game Soundtrack Music, but in a good way, ha.

7. Roy Ayers Ubiquity | The Memory
If you're into Old School Soul, you’ll dig this. I've always wanted to sample this track, but I'm sure it's been done a few dozen times already... Or maybe not. Nevertheless, it’s still that Baby Makin’ Music.

8. Masta Ace Incorporated | Sittin' On Chrome
This track is fire! Dope ass Miami Bass track, drinkin 40s, smoking loud and good vibes too. Probably one of my favorite Hip Hop tracks.

9. Barrington Levy | Black Roses
I first heard this song a few years ago and, since then, it's still one my favorite Reggae tracks, Barrington Levy’s voice sticks in your head like melted butter or something, haha.

10. Quasimoto | Low Class Conspiracy
Underground Hip Hop banger produced by Madlib, instrumentally and lyrically dope, Madlib was pretty influential to me (along with Dilla) when I first started producing.