1. A Tribe Called Quest | Electric Relaxation
I think this is one of Tribe's finest moments… It's one of those tracks you can play over and over and never tire of it, great lyrics and one of their greatest beats, sampling Ronnie Foster's awesome Mystic Brew.

2. S├ębastien Tellier | La Ritournelle
Incredible track that has such Soul, Depth, and Feeling to it... It has everything I Love in a track, with those warm strings, great vocals and a Funky drum break… In fact, I Love this track so much it became mine and my wife's First Dance at our wedding.

3. Labi Siffre | My Song
I pretty much Love anything by Labi Siffre, but this track really strikes a chord with me. I first came across this track when Kanye West sampled it for I Wonder.

4. The Prodigy | No Good (Start The Dance)
I'm a huge fan of the Prodigy, I remember counting down the days waiting to see the new Prodigy track on TV, I don't think I've ever been as excited about Dance Music as I was on that day when I finally saw No Good…Those pounding beats with that Unique synth riff were mind blowing.

5. The 5 Stairsteps | O-o-h Child
A track just full of Hope and Promise… How can this not make you feel good.

6. James Brown | Funky President (People It's Bad)
One of my favourite James Brown tracks, with that great Drum break, Funky Guitar licks and great Social commentary of the Time.

7. Marvin Gaye | Save The Children
Taken from his amazing album What's Going On… This track has such character and an Unique Sound. Pure Classic.

8. Fatboy Slim | Gangster Trippin
This track is just a Master Class in Sampling. It's such a bold in your face track, using that fat Drum break, killer Vocal hook and the Catchy Ann Robinson Horn sample, this track still sounds as Fresh today.

9. Doves | Sea Song
I'm a big fan of Manchester band Doves, I think this would be my favourite track of theirs from their Debut album Lost Souls. It has this clever way of feeling Dark and Menacing, but also still sounds Uplifting. Epic track!

10. Nina Simone | Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (Ike & Tina Turner Cover)
Other than having the best song title I've heard, Nina drops a great vocal as the track builds and gains momentum.