WARMER MIXTAPES #780 | by Corey Siegel and Antonio Torres of SLDGHMR

SIDE A | by Antonio Torres

1. Anti-Flag | Tearing Everyone Down
Easily one of the most Formative songs in my life, it's hard to pick any one song by Anti-Flag. Being an immigrant in the US and finding a band like Anti-Flag was very Influential because of their Critical approach to problems, their focused Anger (lacking in most Punk), and their ability to keep Punk Rock going, at least for a little while. Nothing but Love for them.

2. Eskorbuto | Maldito País
This is an early and Classic band from Spain, where I'm from. The title translates to something like This Damn Country and it hit the spot when I found myself having an Identity Crisis in the US, not wanting to be here and not wanting to go back to Spain.

3. A Perfect Circle | The Noose
Maynard is one of the greats, so it's hard to settle for any one song, but I remember very vividly a time when I was horribly depressed and resentful and this song making me cry, sometimes that stuff goes a long way.

4. The Vandals | And Now We Dance
Very dear song to me, I used to listen to this over and over with one of my best friends. It has this Cynical Happiness where you're somehow pumped about being hurt, because you can sue someone, weird.

5. Radiohead | Nude
This song molested me for many years. It still does.

6. The Toxic Avenger | Angst One
This is an example of a guy that I Love so much, but ended up such an underdog in the Electro world, yet I feel was so Influential. The video for this song is brilliant and I often find myself hoping he'd push it one last time.

7. Meshuggah | Rational Gaze
As a fan of all things Rock, Meshuggah is as heavy as it gets, which is something that is pretty abundant in Metal. The extra surprise came when reading the lyrics, where you have Necrophagist talking about mutilating stillborn babies (how Poetic), Meshuggah writes very intricate songs about Spiritual Suffering with a keen eye for Eastern Philosophy, that's hot.

8. Justice | Phantom P† I.5
Easily the best piece of any Live set in Electronic Music, ever. Also my favorite Electronic duo. When a song gives you Anxiety because you feel small next to it, you know it's good.

9. Sonny | Copaface2 VS. Dan Sena
Yes, I am a Skrillex fan, no I don't find anything wrong with it. Corey showed me this song on a long drive and I noted that the guy had a Creative knack going. I was also in a horrible relationship so the word Copaface was pretty useful for my inner monologue.

10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor | The Dead Flag Blues
I remember being Young, High, Impressionable, and Unaware that a song that was 18 minutes long could be more of a Weird, Sad, and Cryptic Feeling and less of a less Claypool Grunge jam. They opened up my addiction to Ambient Music which later found me admiring Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon and Trent Reznor's less favored album.

SIDE B | by Corey Siegel

1. Sun Airway | Oh, Naoko
Sun Airway isn’t a big band by any means, but this song is at this point my favorite song. Very rarely could a song get me teary eyed, but when I first listened to this song Live (Yours Truly sessions) I became very Emotional. It may be one of the most Beautiful Love songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I listened to the song 100 times on repeat that night, embracing every word and feeling it for all it’s worth. It is so well written and so incredibly sincere it just captivates me. It represents the truest kind of Love, even if you can’t be together for whatever reason. It’s just absolutely beautiful and one of those songs I hold very close to my heart and will always remind me of someone special.

2. Radiohead | There There
I couldn’t choose any specific Radiohead song, they all mean so much to me. I remember I became obsessed with this band when I got Kid A in High School. There There represents the peak of my obsession, when I would listen to Hail To The Thief a million times over and over. The line just because you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there haunts me. It stays in my head and pops up all the time. It’s easy to let your ego guide your emotions. This whole song has this uncomfortable feeling, which is exactly what I think it should have - the meaning is represented Musically - beautiful yet haunting, embracing you while simultaneously making you feel so isolated.

3. John Lennon | God
John Lennon means a lot to me, he was truly honest and his entire personality shines through in every song. There was nothing phony or pretentious about his albums, which seems like a foreign idea at this point. God is a rant that is so real that it almost sounds like he is just talking to you. It seems so Negative in the sense that he is just explaining that he doesn’t believe in everything from God to the Beatles, but at the end he explains all he believes in is himself and Yoko. Those are the only real things you have. It seems so simple, but when he says it to you – you realize you are in the same situation. Everything else is sold to you - Music, Religion, and politicians. To believe in any of those more than yourself is to set yourself up for disappointment.

4. Tool | Schism
It was between this and like 50 other Tool songs. I chose this one because it took me from casual listener to a real listener - I started immersing myself in the Tool world. This song is absolutely brilliant - completely complex and well thought out yet memorable like a Pop song. I think one of the hardest things is writing in complex time signatures and making it sound like a 4/4 Pop song. The song evolves and never feels to be Repetitive, which is a goal I always strive for. Lyrically and Musically Brilliant. Intelligent and Touching.

5. Justice | D.A.N.C.E.
This song is meaningful in the sense that it turned me on to Justice and the whole French Scene which eventually became a major influence in SLDGHMR - it turned me on to Cross which changed how I viewed Electronic Music forever. Made me realize it could be as Rock n Roll as any genre, didn’t have to play by the rules. Taught me about Microsampling which became another staple of SLDGHMR. It also just happens to be Brilliant Musically and incredibly well done.

6. Simian Mobile Disco | I Believe
Okay, another song that has influenced me in Electronic Music. This song changed the sounds I was using, I wanted those Bass tones and those little Analog beeps and boops. The vocals are so great I can’t even begin to explain. Every once and a while a song comes along and I’m just jealous - it’s so good and so Influential. I just wish I wrote it. It seems so simple after it exists, but so far away before. If anyone says Drum Machines have no Soul or Electronic Music doesn’t have Emotion - show them this song.

7. The Tiny | Closer
I remember I found this song clicking on that random artist button on Purevolume like 6 years ago. It has these Soft Jazzy chords with a voice that still rocks my soul. Somewhat like Björk, but even more Emotional. This song is about Love - yes, but it’s so beyond a normal lovey dovey song. I feel like this song plays whenever Real Love is evolving, the beginning of something great. The chords represent the mood perfectly, mysterious yet soft and delicate. There is a point where you are close enough to lose and I think that scares everyone.

8. Japandroids | The House That Heaven Built
Best Rock song in the last few years. Whenever I listen to this song I imagine the singer having a little smirk - a little wink, even if things didn’t work out exactly how they should have, you both know in your heads who is there. This whole album is absolutely brilliant and anyone who hasn’t heard this and likes Rock N Roll should pick it up.

9. Brand New | Degausser
What a song. When I first heard this - it rocked my world. The entire album was recorded in such a Real way. You could hear string sounds and slight noises which only added to the atmosphere. The song isn’t just a meaning, it’s a feeling. Aggressive and Honest. Beautiful yet Destructive. This song is something I have to listen and listen and listen when I get to that place. When staying up is exactly what you need.

10. Shiny Toy Guns | Fading Listening
Well, for one I liked this song so much we ended up remixing it, and if you know it, it’s not a song that’s exactly a Remix song. The song is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, but with even better lyrics. I must have listened to this song a thousand times when it came out, it was exactly how I felt. The lyrics are just vague enough to apply them to nearly any relationship, but in my head - it fit mine at the time exactly.