WARMER MIXTAPES #802 | by Dave Brock [Lojt/D Brocker] of Burlesk

1. Whistla | Way 2 Dark
Whistla has the weirdest style of Garage Music going and I mean that in the best way possible. This tune is just so catchy. A Modern Garage Classic.

2. Submerse | Dreamin
The Vocal, the Rhodes, the Organ, a perfect Garage tune. Submerse knows how to switch things up in the right ways.

3. Wish | Touch Me (All Night Long) (feat. Fonda Rae)
Countless Garage tunes have sampled this, but I find the Original more satisfying. It's 80s Magic. The Congas and the Cowbell in it are my favorite bits.

4. Da Mob | Fun (feat. Jocelyn Brown) (Todd Edwards' Cut-Up Mix) 
It is not only in my opinion that Todd is a God as this is US Garage Heaven. It's Madness that for the majority of his Production career he has resided in New Jersey as this has NYC written all over it.

5. Somore | I Refuse (What You Want) (feat. Damon Trueitt) (Industry Standard Club Mix)
Speed Garage Club Banger. The Organ line in this is just Magic and the Vocal is so infectious.

6. Horsepower Productions | When You Hold Me (Version)
It is Jungle, but in a Wonky 2Step format, I don’t understand how Dubstep lent so much from this, yet stuff on this level was so scarce.

7. Zed Bias & Craz-E-D7 Day Kiss 
Previously unreleased, Zed gave this away in 2011 via his Soundcloud along with a load of other tunes, God knows why he didn’t release... It is pure genius, the Gospel style Vocals and Piano line put a smile on my face whenever I hear it.

8. Dem 2 | Destiny (Sleepless)
Dem 2 are a massive influence on me, their releases on the likes of Locked On and New York Soundclash are some of my favorite Garage tunes of All Time. The Rotary Speaker Organ Sound and the Tracy Chapman sample (only a pair of geniuses could turn Tracy Chapman into something sexy).

9. DJ Nut Nut | Special Dedication (V.I.P. Mix)
My favorite Jungle tune of All Time, there was the Original, then there was this one and Sigma did a Drum And Bass remix as well, but neither the former or the latter has anything on this version. The airy synthesized Strings and the crazy Drum Patterns to the Voice sample in the Intro is just pure genius. This to me is the pinnacle of Jungle Music back then and to this day.

10. Komonazmuk | Miss Her
There’s just so many things about this track that appeals to me, it was one of the first Dubstep tunes I heard, yet it had the aesthetics of the Dark Jungle that I try to take influence from when I make my own tunes.