WARMER MIXTAPES #803 | by Chelsea Wheatley [Chela]

My first EP Romanticise will be released on Kitsuné at the end of August.

1. Blue Öyster Cult | (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
This song is Romantic for me, it makes me feel Nostalgic about catching the train to see my Love when I was 18. It puts me into a dreamlike state, and then the heavy roaring breakdown wakes me up again. I Love the Originality of that part in the song, it seems to come out of nowhere and then disappears again like a reminder that there are thorns beneath the roses.

2. The Doobie Brothers | What A Fool Believes
I have fond memories of listening to this as a kid in the backseat of my Mum’s car on the way to the Fremantle Markets. It never ceases to make me happy. Michael McDonald - hail to a Pop genius.

3. The Organ | Brother
There’s something Dark about this song which reminds me of being a confused teen, crying for help and making a big deal of things. I Love their Bass Sound and the singer’s Deborah Harry-esque Vocals.

4. Pointer Sisters | Dare Me 
One of my All Time favourites! I have cruised the streets waving my arm out of the car window many a time with my loved ones to this tune. Everything about the Production is perfect to me, and the lyrics are sung with such Passion. This puts you in good spirits, especially when you have a crush on someone!

5. Ratatat | Lex 
This song reminds me of traveling the World and being unsure of what was around the next corner. I Love the fact that there are no lyrics and you can create a meaning for yourself. It’s so Dramatic to me and says so much without any lyric. It makes me feel as though my heart is beating faster.

6. The Jackson 5 | I Want You Back 
I smile every time I hear this song play. It never fails to put me in a good mood. I Love that such a sad and desperate lyric can be felt with such Positivity. It’s also the soundtrack to one of the best scenes in one of my favourite films -­ Now And Then.

7. Tegan & Sara | Walking With A Ghost 
I wish I wrote this song. There’s something in its simplicity and repetition that is incredibly hypnotising. The lyrics have such great meaning without giving away too much. I’m obsessed with the Drum fills, perfectly placed.

8. The Smiths | This Charming Man
This song dishes out a big serve of Teenage Nostalgia. Catching the Sandringam Line to the end, shopping at the op shop for a weekend outfit and hoping that you’ll fit in with the kids who you so admired.

9. Toto | Africa 
This song immediately makes me feel like I’m on holiday with Katherine Heigl and Gérard Depardieu in My Father, The Hero. My sister and I used to be obsessed with that film as teens and have had some of the best memories holidaying Tropical style with our beloved Dad since. Africa has the perfect amount of Tropical Cool & Power Ballad energy. Well-­Fucking-­Crafted.

10. Big Star | The Ballad Of El Goodo
This song reminds me of a train ride I had in Italy with some friends overnight from Milan to Rome. We had 3 Italian strangers with us in our booth that knew little English. I played this on my docking station just as the train left the platform and it immediately put us in Peace with one another without words needing to be said. I then found myself sleeping on a stranger's shoulder in the morning, and it was all cool ‘cause I had broken the ice with that song.