WARMER MIXTAPES #805 | by Davide T. [Aseptic Void]

1. Darcy Odrai | Chronic Obsession
A Black and Gray Womb with Distant White Refractions. Enormous Glass Cloth, a Dome. Its colors speaks to me and I am heartened.

2. William BasinskiMelancholia VII
I feel as if there was nothing left to save. The Mind is Silent and in the middle of Mowhere there is a Street. I do not make Noise when I Walk.

3. William BasinskiMelancholia VI
Afternoon. The Sunlight is reflected weakly in front of the house. The Dominant Color is Orange. Around the house you can see a lawn and extends the void. All is Silent.

4. William Basinski | Melancholia II
A blanket of Gray Awareness within the Fog.

5. William Basinski | Melancholia XI
An Impassive look. The Feeling is Bitter, but perhaps Sweet.

6. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No. 4 (Played by Pascal Rogé)
The return of a Deep Awareness. Dismay... But also Planning. Futile Attempts climb on themselves. They Feed and Perpetuate themselves. A small smile, False... And the End.

7. Angelo Badalamenti | Frank Returns (Blue Velvet Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The pleasure of the Anger and its Resolution, its Epilogue.

8. Akira Yamaoka | Claw Finger (Silent Hill Original Soundtrack)
A Dark room, surrounded by a thin Fog. Outside the Window, the Fog is more Dense... A tender feeling of Silence.

9. Akira Yamaoka | For All (Silent Hill Original Soundtrack)
Other Pleasant Vibrations.

10. Akira Yamaoka | Moonchild (Silent Hill Original Soundtrack)
A Black Organism... And a Desert shaken by the Wind. The tracks of Akira Yamaoka have been so close to me over the years.

+11. Julee Cruise | Into The Night 
A Cold and Rainy Night. A Slow Transport in the Inner Desolation.

+12. Lull | Way Through Staring
An Incubation Cell.